Meters and In-Home Displays (IHD)

Using an Alt HAN device with your smart meter

If you’re having issues with your smart meter signal, getting a free Alt HAN may be able to help. Find out more about how Alt HAN works and how to get one installed in your home.

How does Alt HAN work?

Your smart meter comes with an In-Home Display (IHD). This gives you near real-time information about your gas and electricity use, and what it costs. 

The Home Area Network (HAN) connects the devices in your home. In most homes, the smart meter and IHD are connected via the HAN. Sometimes though, smart meters can’t send information about energy use to the IHD, which means OVO doesn’t get the meter readings. This could be because the smart meter and/or IHD are too far apart, or the walls are too thick. 

Alt HAN solves this problem by boosting  the signal range, a bit like a Wi-Fi booster. It allows your smart meters to connect to each other and the IHD. 

What are the benefits of Alt HAN?

With Alt HAN, more people in the UK can benefit from smart meters. Your meter readings are sent directly and securely to OVO, which means more accurate bills, and an end to estimated and manual meter readings.

How will Alt HAN be installed?

The engineer installing your smart meter will plug a device, a bit like a Wi-Fi booster, into a power socket near your IHD. This will allow your smart meter to send information to your IHD, and meter readings securely to OVO.

Do I need to keep the Alt HAN device plugged in?

Yes – for the Alt HAN smart signal booster to work, you’ll need to keep it plugged in. If it’s unplugged, your smart meter won’t communicate with your IHD, so you won’t be able to track your energy use and spending. It might also mean that you’d need to send readings to us manually.

How many homes need Alt HAN?

Around 2.5% of homes in the UK will need Alt HAN.

Are all energy suppliers installing Alt HAN?

Since January 2023, OVO and some other energy suppliers have been trialling Alt HAN. More suppliers are expected to start installing it soon.

Where can I find out more about Alt HAN?

You can find more information on the Alt HAN co website.

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