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August 2017


With a diverse team working in our offices or installing devices in customers’ homes, OVO recognises the value and importance of health and safety in our workplaces. 

This statement summarises our approach to health and safety, which continually evolves and improves as our business continues to develop and expand. 


OVO Group Ltd and its subsidiaries have over 1,200 employees which cover a number of areas, including its core business of supplying electricity and gas to domestic customers within the UK.


OVO’s values - “Find a Way”, “Being the Good Guys” and “Building Something Great” - permeate all areas of OVO’s business and the culture in which team members operate, and underpin how we expect to do business with external parties.


Under the umbrella of OVO’s values, we believe that safety, wellbeing and enjoyment in our workplaces are achieved by putting in place policies and practices that provide sensible and proportionate protections for our team members. 

At a minimum, OVO takes seriously its responsibilities to comply with applicable legislation including the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

This involves, among other things, providing adequate training to team members which is appropriate for their roles and responsibilities, and the nature of their workplace. 

Furthermore, OVO has a highly open, responsive culture which encourages team members to provide feedback and raise risks, whether about health and safety or otherwise. 

Ultimately every team member has a role to play in contributing towards the safety, wellbeing and enjoyment of their workplace, and it is OVO’s responsibility to enable individuals to do so.


Our commitment and approach to health and safety applies equally to our third party suppliers and contractors from whom we expect the highest standards in order to minimise the risk to the health and safety of individuals. 

To this end, to the extent applicable suppliers and contractors are required to have robust health and safety policies and procedures in place, and/or co-operate with OVO in complying with OVO’s policies. 

This health and safety statement will be reviewed regularly and updated where necessary, and communicated to the OVO team and third parties. 

Chris Houghton
MD, OVO Energy Retail
Group CFO

August 2017

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