Version updated: JULY 2020

Statement from Stephen

At the heart of OVO’s values and culture is the wellbeing of our teams, our customers and everyone around us. We believe that all harm is preventable and so our aim is one of zero harm. To support this, the OVO Leadership Team works to empower our teams to deliver a safe operation by providing the knowledge, tools and support needed.

As a minimum, this includes:

● Providing full and regular training for all employees in all aspects of their safety and the safety of those around them

● Continued investment in our people, tools, systems and processes

● Developing and implementing practical, simple policies designed to mitigate risk

● Providing a health and safety governance framework to make sure we communicate with our teams, investigate accidents and monitor performance

● Making sure everyone’s aware of their responsibilities to keep themselves, each other and the people around us safe

● Maintaining an environment of trust, openness and support

Whether working in our offices, a customer’s home, driving on the roads, or selecting suppliers, we all play a key role in preventing harm. To support this we ask everyone to commit to honouring seven core principles:

● We believe that harm is preventable so we operate safely or not at all

● We care for each other, our customers and the environment around us, and we understand the impact our actions have on ourselves and others

● We empower, educate and support each other to make the right decisions while taking every opportunity to learn and improve from our experiences

● We personally address unsafe acts, situations or ways of working

● We follow all practices designed to prevent harm; always and in all environments

● We expect any company we work with to openly demonstrate the same level of commitment to operating without harm

● We understand that the way we feel can impact on the way we work; we prioritise our own wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of others

Stephen Fitzpatrick CEO

July 2020