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How to send us your gas and electricity meter readings

Giving your gas or electricity meter readings is easy with OVO. The easiest way is through the OVO Energy app or online – but choose what’s most convenient for you!

Manually sending a meter reading with the OVO Energy app

If your phone doesn't have a camera you can send readings manually:

  1. Click on Account

  2. Choose meter readings 

  3. Then pick to give an Electricity or Gas reading

  4. You’ll see a handy Help option if you need support taking your reading

  5. Enter your reading into the box using your phone keypad

  6. Then click send – and you’re done!

If you have gas and electricity, follow these steps twice to give both readings.

Submitting a meter reading via your online OVO Energy account

If you don’t have the OVO Energy app, this is the next best way to send us your reading. 

Simply log into your online account then: 

  1. Click on Meter readings on the home page

  2. Choose to submit an Electricity or Gas reading and select “Send a reading”

  3. You’ll be able to see the last reading you gave us

    Image of meter serial numbers when you log into your account

  4. There’s a box for you to enter your new reading – if you have a day and night rate, there are separate boxes to enter them both

    Image of meter read entry field

  5. Click the send reading button

  6. Then you’ll see a message telling you your reading’s been accepted

Image showing message that your reading's been accepted.

If you have gas and electricity, follow these steps twice to give both readings.

Not activated your online account yet? Set up your account now in a few clicks!

Submitting a meter reading via our webchat

Our online chat is a great way to get in touch with us. Our friendly advisers are ready and waiting to receive your meter reading, and answer any questions you might have. 

Give us a call

If you’d prefer, you can give us a call on 0330 175 9676 and use our automated service to give your reading.

What should I do if I submit a wrong meter reading?

Oops! If you realise you’ve submitted an incorrect reading, don’t worry – it’s an easy mistake to make. Here’s what to do:  

  • If you spot the mistake on the same day – just send a new reading. We’ll use the latest reading to update your account.

  • If it’s been longer than a day since you sent us the wrong reading, just get in touch via the Help Centre

Why send regular meter readings?

Submitting meter readings means we don’t need to use estimates for your bills. Instead, they’re based on exactly how much energy you’ve used.

Plus, giving more meter readings means you get a more accurate forecast of how much energy you’ll use. This is really useful for keeping your Direct Debit on track, and avoiding unexpected catch-up payments.

When’s the best time to submit my meter readings?

It’s best to send us your reading on the last day of your billing period. If you’re not sure when this is, you can find it on your bills. 

For example, if your last billing period ran from 16 Jun to 15 July, the ideal day to send your readings would be on the 15th of each month.

If you give a reading on a slightly earlier day, we’ll still use it to help keep your bill more accurate. We’ll use the reading to check how much energy you’ve used, then take that information to help estimate the extra days. So for example, if your billing period ends on the 15th, and we get your reading on the 12th, we’ll know exactly how much energy you used for most of the month. And we’ll only need to estimate the extra energy used for the last 3 days.

Smart meters send your readings for you

Yes, that’s right! We know it gets pretty boring taking meter readings every time you want an accurate bill. So why not book a smart meter installation, and let your meter do the work for you.

Smart meters don't just save you time:

  • You’ll get accurate bills, without any hassle

  • You can track what you’re spending in pounds and pence, so you’ll find ways to save

  • Cutting your energy use also means cutting your carbon footprint

So say goodbye to reading your meter, and get a smart meter installed by our award-winning team. 

How to view your meter reading history

It’s easy to see your meter reading history by logging into your online account (link to post-login page) 

If you’re using the My OVO Energy app, you can find yt from the home screen:

  1. Go to the account tab

  2. Then click meter readings

  3. From there, click on view reading history

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