A woman using an OHME EV smart charger at home

Get a home EV charger with OVO.

85% cheaper than public charging1

Plug in, relax – we’ll do the rest. With a home smart charger, your car will be ready to go when you are, for much cheaper than charging in public1. Choose from our range of the UK’s leading smart chargers and our experts will install it – from £9142.

Offers for Beyond customers may vary.

Plus, find out about our free add-on: Charge Anytime. It lets you drive for less than 2p a mile whenever you smart charge3.

What you'll get

Expert installation

Our trusted OVO engineers are specially trained in EV charger installation

Next generation charging

Choose one of the UK's leading smart EV chargers, fully installed, from £9142

Drive for less than 2p a mile

Get this rate with our add-on, Charge Anytime4, if you have a compatible charger or EV

Choose the right EV charger for you

Say hello to your new intelligent charging companion. Our chargers not only look good, but they’re 4 of the smartest electric vehicle chargers around.

All our tethered chargers come with type 2 charging cables. Each one comes complete with a manufacturer's warranty ranging from 3 to 5 years.

Home ePod EV charger

Ohme ePod

From £914 including installation2

This compact smart EV charger is powered by the same technology as the award-winning Ohme Home Pro, and uses a portable cable. 

  • Untethered
  • 3-year warranty
  • 3G, 4G
  • 7kW power
  • Interactive buttons

Charge Anytime compatible

Ohme ePod charger details

Choose Ohme ePod
Indra smart pro EV charger

Indra Smart PRO

From £914 including installation2

With cutting-edge features, built-in Wifi and solar panel compatibility, this elegantly designed EV charger looks good on any home5.

  • Tethered and untethered
  • 5-year warranty
  • WiFi, 3G, 4G, ethernet
  • 7kW power
  • Solar compatible

Charge Anytime compatible

Indra Smart PRO charger details (3.2mb pdf)

Choose Indra Smart PRO
Ohme home pro EV charger

Ohme Home Pro

From £964 including installation2

This neat little EV charger comes with an easy-to-use interactive screen. And with a handy tethered cable, it couldn't be easier to plug in, and chill out.

  • Tethered
  • 3 year warranty
  • 3G, 4G
  • 7kW power
  • LCD screen

Charge Anytime compatible

Ohme Home Pro charger details

Choose Ohme Home Pro
Hypervolt Home 3 Pro EV charger

Hypervolt Home 3 Pro

From £1,064 including installation2

Beautifully designed and simple to use, this charger comes in 3 colour options – Ultra White, Space Grey and Ultra Black. And a choice of 3 cable lengths- 5m, 7.5m and 10m.

  • Tethered
  • 3-year warranty
  • WiFi, ethernet
  • 7kW power
  • Solar compatible 

Charge Anytime compatible6

Hypervolt Home 3 Pro details

Choose Hypervolt Home 3 Pro

Charge Anytime: our super-low smart charging rate

And now for the best bit...

All our chargers are compatible with Charge Anytime. Simply add it to any OVO plan for free and start smart charging for less than £200 a year7.

Unlike other suppliers, we let you smart charge your electric car at our super-low rate of 7p per kWh, any time you like. All through our easy-to-use app.

How it works

Once you've chosen your new EV charger, you can get it installed8 and start saving, in just 4 simple steps.

1. Complete survey

Our tech team is on hand if you need any support filling it in

2. Review quote

We include both charger and installation costs in our quote

3. Book installation

We'll send you an installation date that suits you

4. Start charging!

We'll install, then show you how to use your new charger

Not quite ready to go electric? Go Beyond to save for tomorrow.

With OVO Beyond, you can now bank free EV miles every year. Safely stored for when you’re ready to switch to an EV.

Start saving
Two children looking out of window

Not quite ready to go electric? Go Beyond to save for tomorrow.

With OVO Beyond, you can now bank free EV miles every year. Safely stored for when you’re ready to switch to an EV.

Start saving
Two children looking out of window

EV charger questions and answers

Our support doesn't stop once your charger's installed. When you're up and running, our dedicated electric vehicle team is on hand to help with any questions or issues you might have.

We've also got a whole page dedicated to answering your questions about EV charger installations. Here are the top 5 to get you started:

Important to know

For full details about buying and installing an EV charger with us, please read through our full terms and conditions.

1 The 85% cheaper claim is based on a customer smart charging their EV using Charge Anytime – in comparison to rapid charging at a public charge point (actual percentage 87%). This is based on UK average public charging costs of 53p per kWh as of October 2023. Calculations are based on fully charging a 50kWh battery. To get the low Charge Anytime rate, you need to switch to OVO if you’re not already a customer. Then add Charge Anytime when your supply starts.

2 Prices given include a standard installation. Your survey might show that you need more work than a standard installation. In this case, your quote would include this additional cost.For full details on our installation types, please see our guide. Terms and conditions apply.

3 The 2p a mile claim is based on an EV customer driving the UK average of 7,000 miles at an average of 4 miles per kWh. The Charge Anytime add-on rate on 01/01/2024 is 7p per kWh. Actual sum per mile is 1.75p. Individual costs will vary based on your vehicle efficiency and driving style. 4 If you’re not already a customer, you can still get a charger installed by us, but you’d need to switch to OVO to add on Charge Anytime (it's free to add to any OVO energy plan).

5 Please note:

a) If you have an Indra Smart PRO, you’ll lose the lock function when you add Charge Anytime. We're working with Indra to make this function compatible.

b) If you have a BMW or Mini, you’ll lose the preconditioning function when you add Charge Anytime. We’re working with BMW and Mini to find a way to fix this.

6 The Hypervolt Home 3 Pro charger is currently in a trial phase with Charge Anytime, which means it might not have all the Charge Anytime features yet. Check out our Charge Anytime trial terms page to find out what you can expect.

7 The less than £200 claim is based on an average Charge Anytime customer using 2700kWh a year to charge their EV using the Charge Anytime add-on. The rate on 01/01/2024 is 7p per kWh for Charge Anytime. Actual amount for driving for a year is £189. Individual savings will vary based on your vehicle efficiency, driving style and EV charging usage.

8 90% of installations are completed by OVO engineers. If we can’t install in your area, our trusted partners ChargedEV will fit your charger. Prices may vary.