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At OVO, you get 100% renewable electricity as standard1 and access to our carbon-kicking green tech. We’ll also plant a tree in your name every year with the help of our friends at the Woodland Trust.

This means that just by joining us you’ll be restoring nature and cutting carbon – about 1 tonne of it a year!2

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Good for the environment

"I cannot recommend OVO more highly! Their awareness and care for the environment and it's people is refreshing and exemplary."

Linda Conway

Service that puts you first

"The best energy company I have ever been with. In my view their customer service is second to none."

Richard Barber

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Together we’ve planted
trees in the UK!
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It's the green that keeps on giving

100% renewable electricity

As standard, for everyone1.

Tree-planting power

A carbon-busting tree planted for you every year.

Zero carbon by 2030

We’ll be a net zero carbon business by 2030 – join us!

Come home to an OVO Smart Home

That's planet-changing tech, brought to you today - right from the future.

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Perfect timing for our fixed term to end, not ...

We switched to OVO 3 years ago, gained a smart meter and a very reliable service provider. Plus, with the smart meter, billing and usage comparisons with previous years is really simple. We couldn't have picked a worse time for our fixed term pricing to end, but the energy crisis isn't OVO's fault. We are very happy with OVO and had no hesitation in staying put and signing up to a new fixed term.

Ben W
January, 20
5 stars
Striaght forward easy to understand…

Striaght forward easy to understand billing and app Any issues I have had are resolved without fuss or stress would and have recommend them to friends and family

January, 20
5 stars

Totally Painless

trevor howling
January, 20
5 stars
The engineer arrived early which was…

The engineer arrived early which was fine by me! He got on with the job straight away and explained everything to me. There were some difficulties in installing the gas smart meter but he overcame them. Pleasant and efficient!

Joan Hannam
January, 20
5 stars
To date I have found the online set up…

To date I have found the online set up for submitting metre readings easy, as an OAP I do not like technology and can keep track of my account.

January, 20
5 stars
Good service

I have been with OVO for a number years now and I am very happy with the service I have received. I found their website easy to navigate and on the rare occasions that I have had to speak to customer service, they have been very helpful. I would highly recommend them.

Y Wilson
January, 20
5 stars
Wonderful service by a lady called…

Wonderful service by a lady called Andrea, a pleasure to have in my house

January, 20
5 stars
Engineer was punctual

Engineer was punctual, polite and explained everything clearly. Happy with the Service. Only negative comment I have is that the smart meters are 2019 and not the latest SMETS2 released version.

Mr Phil Smith
January, 20
5 stars
looked to change early but most…

looked to change early but most suppliers are about the same, so staying put, plus the intrest is better than the banks no brainer.

JOHN Holden
January, 20
5 stars
Amazing installation

Amazing installation. The engineer was efficient and a very tidy worker. He explained everything and suggested I contact OVO to ensure I am on the best plan explaining his rationale. Very pleasant and an excellent ambassador for OVO. Delighted with the visit.

January, 20
5 stars
I have always found OVO good to work…

I have always found OVO good to work with - I have even spoken to real people in the past! I found it difficult to decide on the renewal tariff to choose. The write up on each one offered was clear and changing was very easy.

January, 20
5 stars
I have dealt with OVO for many years…

I have dealt with OVO for many years and always find the staff very helpful. It is always good to have someone at the other end of the phone to sort things out.

January, 20
5 stars
I am happy with you so far

I am happy with you so far, and I trust you will keep the feared increasing charges down to very competive levels!

January, 20
5 stars
Very easy to contact.Reply to emails…Okay so Far

Very easy to contact.Reply to emails quickly.

January, 20
5 stars
Very good service

Very good service

January, 20
5 stars
i have been with OVO now for many years…

i have been with OVO now for many years and have always had first class service without any problems.

Melvin Drummond
January, 20
5 stars
Very efficient and helpful engineer

The engineer phoned the day before to make sure the appointment was still ok for us and let us know on the day when he was on his way. He was cheerful, efficient and helpful in installing the meter where it was most convenient for us.

January, 20
5 stars
The Engineer was courteous got on with…

The Engineer was courteous got on with his job and explained it all well

Elaine Barrass
January, 20
5 stars
Perfect installation

Perfect installation. Thanks

January, 20
5 stars
Monthly amount sent on time

Monthly amount sent on time. I'm not looking forward to the expected rises for gas and electricity .

January, 20
5 stars

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Important information 

1 Renewable electricity is cleaner than traditional electricity sources because it produces less carbon emissions and pollution. The renewable electricity we sell is backed by renewable certificates (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates (REGOs)). See here for details on REGO certificates and how these work.

2 By switching to OVO Energy you could reduce your carbon footprint by up to 1 tonne of carbon per year. This is based on the carbon emissions caused in the production and consumption of the 100% renewable electricity OVO provides as standard, compared to the emissions caused by the production and consumption of UK grid average electricity. Average UK household energy consumption figures were sourced from BEIS (2019). The carbon emissions factors were calculated by the Carbon Trust.

4 Saving based on the estimated annual cost for a non-economy-7, dual-fuel, high user (4300 kWhs elec. and 17000 kWhs gas) paying monthly in advance by Direct Debit. Comparisons made against the Ofgem published tariff cap for a customer on a standard variable or default tariff that comes into effect on 01/04/2021, applied to the same high user consumption values. Savings are an estimate only and your actual costs will vary according to your region and usage. All rates correct as of 05/08/2021.

5 An independent study has shown that installing and correctly using a tadoº Smart Thermostat can reduce your energy use from heating by up to 31%. The study found that the tadoº device can reduce heating energy requirements by 14-26% through controlling the heat source (e.g. boiler or heat pump). You could also save another 7% by turning down the heating based on the weather forecast, depending on the window sizes. If the window surfaces are relatively large, the energy saving will be greater. Reducing energy use from heating will result in less carbon being emitted, which can help make your home greener. Savings are an estimate only and your actual savings will vary depending on your energy use and the changes you make to your energy habits.

6 Enjoy even greener energy with OVO Beyond in comparison with our standard OVO plans. In addition to 100% renewable electricity as available with our standard plans, OVO Beyond reduces your yearly carbon emissions from the energy used in your home that is supplied by OVO to net zero by providing 100% carbon-neutral gas (15% green gas and 85% offset) and offsetting all associated lifecycle carbon emissions involved in the production and consumption of your electricity & gas, you will also get 5 trees per year in UK schools and communities and other green benefits. The renewable electricity we sell is backed by renewable certificates (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates (REGOs)). See here for details on Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates and how these work. The green gas we sell is backed via renewable certificates (Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs)). See here for details on Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin and how these work. We offset the remaining emissions by supporting UN REDD+ carbon reduction projects that are certified to the Verified Carbon Standard or the Gold StandardSee here for more information on how we restore nature and protect rainforests with our offsetting programmes.

7 We were the first mainstream supplier to remove coal and nuclear from our fuel mix - find out more www.ovoenergy.com/about

8  Powering and heating your home can make up 28% of your carbon footprint. This is an average amount and excludes emissions from things that you cannot directly control such as supporting the NHS, defence, government bodies, etc.

9 The trees we're planning to plant this year will absorb around 54,000 tonnes of carbon in the next decade. To find out how this figure is calculated, read our blog: https://www.ovoenergy.com/blog/green/trees-natures-carbon-eating-machines 

10 Trees prevent floods, cut pollution and lower temperatures in cities. https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/trees-woods-and-wildlife/british-trees/how-trees-fight-climate-change/

11 Based on data from 25th November 2020 to 25th February 2021 where OVO answered calls within an average of 52 seconds.