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Every year, we plant 1 million trees in the UK2

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With a toolkit of smart tech to choose from and our expert teams by your side, we can help reduce your energy bills and our collective carbon footprint. Join us on the path to energy that's better for you, your wallet and the planet.

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Satisfied Ovo customer

Have been happy with the Company for a number of years from when it was SSE. Now happy with the new 1 year fixed rate


June 04, 2023

5 stars
Smart meter continuing problems

Not able to log in to two new smart meters at two different sites. Ian was able to retrieve some info and arrange for new passwords. Always very patient. Now working well.


June 04, 2023

5 stars
Great service from Fiona

Great service from Fiona. Have already sent this review two days ago.

Mrs Makepeace

June 04, 2023

5 stars

Important information 

  1. OVO’s 2019 analysis of academic research into the effectiveness of feedback on energy consumption behaviours indicates that being able to monitor your energy usage by installing a smart meter and having access to energy insights information can lead to a reduction in energy use. The reduction in energy use results from the customer making changes to their habits by curtailing home energy use through actions such as optimising heating settings or switching lights off. The actual savings achieved will vary depending on individual energy use and the nature of changes made to a customer’s energy habits. OVO’s energy tracking is currently available for the majority of OVO customers and will be made available to all remaining customers soon.
  2. OVO Energy plants 1 million trees across the UK each year with its tree planting partners, The Conservation Volunteers and the Woodland Trust. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so planting trees helps to slow down climate change.
  3. OVO is made up of the energy suppliers SSE Energy Services, OVO Energy, and Boost. Together, we power over 4 million UK homes with energy. This figure is correct as of 22 January 2023.