A step-by-step guide to an EV charger installation with OVO

09 February 2024 | OVO Energy

Is it worth buying an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger?

Charging your electric car at home is 85% cheaper than charging in public1. In fact, charging your EV at home is the cheapest and most convenient way to charge. That’s why 93% of EV drivers have an EV charger installed at home.

So if you’re thinking about getting an electric car charger for your home, we’ll show you what installation day at OVO looks like. And how to charge your car for less than £200 a year.

Your step-by-step guide to an EV charger installation

We joined OVO engineers, Matt and Darren, as they installed an EV charger at a customer’s home in Essex. 

The customer, Alistair, chose an Indra Smart PRO untethered charger from our EV home charger range. He chose this model because he already had his own type 2 EV charging cable. If you don’t have a cable, we have 3 tethered chargers to choose from too. 

Before booking an installation, we ask all our customers to fill in an installation survey. This way we can be sure that your home is suitable for an EV charger. It also means our team can give you an accurate quote, and plan your installation. Our engineers refer to it on installation day too.

A couple of days before the installation, Matt rang Alistair to let him know what time to expect them. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to what happened on the day:

Two OVO engineers fitting an electric vehicle charging point to the wallT

1. Test and check bonding

Keeping everyone safe during the installation is vital. So the first thing the engineers did was their pre-install checks. This meant:

  • Turning off Alistair’s power for a short time
  • Checking the relevant earthing requirements are in place2
  • Reviewing Alistair’s installation survey

After the checks were done, Alistair could turn the power back on.

2. Check the charger location

Your engineer should already know where your charger needs to go, following your survey. But they’ll double-check with you on the day that they’re installing it in the best place for you, your home, and your EV.

For Alistair, this was on the front of his garage, next to the drive where he parks his car.

3. Check the cable route

As part of the survey, Alistair let us know where his meter is located. This is so the engineers can plot a cable route from the meter to the charger. On the day, Matt and Darren made sure their proposed cable route was the best solution.

OVO engineer works on the fuse board

4. Install the EV fuse board

Whether your EV fuse board is going inside or outside, the engineer will install the board and run the cable from your charger to this fuse board. 

When drilling holes in the walls, Matt and Darren used dust sheets to cover anything that could get damaged.

OVO engineers Two OVO engineers fitting an electric vehicle charging point to the wall

5. Run the power and data cables

Once the EV fuse board was installed, Darren ran 2 cables – the power cable and its data cable – from Alistair’s meter to the charger. The data cable pairs with the power cable to prevent the supply fuse from overloading.

6. Testing, testing… 

At this point, Matt tested the cabling without it being connected to the mains power supply. This is called a “dead test”. When he was happy it was all working correctly, he ran a live test too. He also did a functional test on the charger.

OVO engineers work outside on the EV charger

7. Your new charger

Happily, everything was working fine, so Matt and Darren could move onto the final bit of the bit of the car charger installation – commissioning. Alistair gave Matt his WiFi code so he could get the charger online and connect it to Alistair’s phone app. 

Matt ran through everything Alistair needed to know about his new charger, and showed him how to use it.

If you have any questions about your new charger, now’s the time to ask! 

8. After the install

Once Alistair had plugged in his car, Matt and Darren cleared up and said goodbye.

Alistair told us, “My experience with OVO has been great. The engineers were really nice guys. I appreciated them calling ahead to let me know when they’d arrive.”

Once your electric car charger installation is complete, you’ll get an email with the manufacturer’s contact details, and the charger manual attached. All the final certifications for your charger will be emailed to you 2 to 3 weeks later.

OVO engineer shakes hands with customer. The EV charger is installed behind them.

How much does it cost to install an EV charger? 

We offer 3 of the UK’s market-leading smart chargers, fully installed, from £9143. Both the Ohme and Indra home EV chargers come with or without a cable and the Hypervolt charger comes with a cable.

Charge your car for less than £200 a year

Once your charger has been commissioned, you can activate Charge Anytime, our special rate for EV drivers. Add Charge Anytime to any OVO energy plan, and get the UK’s cheapest charging rate of 7p per kWh, at any time of day. Not just overnight.4

To get Charge Anytime, you need to have:

If you’re already an OVO customer, you can simply log in to your account to find out if you’re compatible, and add Charge Anytime.

If you’re not, why not find out if your set-up is compatible, before you switch?

EV charger installation questions and answers

Sources and references

1The 85% cheaper claim is based on a customer smart charging their EV using Charge Anytime – in comparison to rapid charging at a public charge point (actual percentage 87%). This is based on UK average public charging costs of 53p per kWh as of October 2023. Calculations are based on fully charging a 50kWh battery. To get the low Charge Anytime rate, you need to switch to OVO if you’re not already a customer. Then add Charge Anytime when your supply starts.

2These include your gas, oil and water bonding. We send photos of what these look like in the survey we send to you.

3Prices given include ‌standard installation. Your survey might show that you need more work than a standard installation. In this case, your quote would include this additional cost. For full details about what's included in a standard installation, please see our Q&As.

4. There’s no need for Ohme and Indra users to download the Charge Anytime app to be able to use Charge Anytime. Ohme users can schedule their charging via their Ohme App and the OVO app will show their savings and credits. Indra users can use the Kaluza (our tech partner) webapp for charging and the OVO app will show their savings and credits.