Compatible Charge Anytime EVs and smart chargers

Last updated July 2024.

This is a list of the EVs and smart chargers that work with Charge Anytime. You only need either a compatible EV or smart charger, not both.

The list also includes EVs and chargers that are currently in a trial phase with Charge Anytime. We’re constantly trialling Charge Anytime, so we can offer our low smart charging rate to more of our customers. But it means the EVs and chargers that are being trialled might not have all the Charge Anytime features yet.

Got an EV or charger that’s in the trial phase? If you’d like to join the trial, check out our Charge Anytime trial terms page to find out what you can expect.

If you have both a compatible EV and smart charger, we recommend connecting to Charge Anytime through your charger. Find out more about our compatible EV chargers.


Trial EVs

Smart chargers

Important information

1 Please note:

a) If you have an Indra Smart PRO, you’ll lose the lock function when you add Charge Anytime. We're working with Indra to make this function compatible.

b) If you have a BMW or Mini, you’ll lose the preconditioning function when you add Charge Anytime. We’re working with BMW and Mini to find a way to fix this.

2 The Andersen A2 (2024) charger has a serial code with the prefix 230.