Getting the right EV charger installation

25 March 2024 | Darren Beer

Whichever EV charger you choose, we want to make sure it's installed in a way that's right for your home. That's why we have 4 different types of installation. Once you've done your online survey with us, we ll be able to tell you exactly what you need.

What are the 4 types of installation?

We offer Standard, Non-standard, Non-standard plus, and Bespoke. Please see the table below for more about these installation types, including pricing and how long they take to install.

The 4 different installation types

StandardNon-standardNon-standard plusBespoke
Length of power cableUp to 10 metresUp to 15 metresUp to 20 metres20+ metres or 20 metres via a catenary wire
Hours on siteUp to 3Up to 4Up to 66+ hours
Charge point fitted to a brick or rendered wallYesYesYesYes
Meter locationExternal onlyYour home must have an external electric meter, or an internal meter on an external wallInternal or externalInternal or external
Main protective bonding (if needed)Needs to be properly sized and fitted, before the charge point is installedNeeds to be properly sized and fitted, before the charge point is installedUp to 10 metres of 10mm cable, including any containment or clamps, to be fitted on installation dayMore than 10 metres of 10mm cable, including any containment or clamps, to be fitted on installation day
Charger set up and phone pairingWi Fi or 4G onlyWi Fi, 4G, or ethernetWi Fi, 4G, or ethernetWi Fi, 4G, or ethernet
Additional costNone. Installation is included with the price of the charger.From £100From £220Custom quote

For more info, please read our terms and conditions.

What's included?

With each type of installation you ll get:

  • Cabling clipped to the wall, up to 2.5 metres from the floor
  • A Surge Protection Device (SPD) to protect your EV charger in case of any electrical power surge
  • The manufacturer's instructions for the charger
  • A full demonstration of how the charger works

Your installation will also comply with the current British Standard Wiring Regulations (BS7671). You'll be given any associated documents and codes of practice.

What if I need more work done before my EV charger is installed?

If you need any extra work done, we'll let you know following your online survey. Please note that you'd need to arrange this yourself. If you need any earth bonding upgrades, or need to have main isolation switches fitted, our engineers can do this at an extra cost.

Couple with engineer

We'll find the right installation type for you

Once you've done your online survey, we'll be able to tell you which installation you need, and give you a quote. To start your survey, choose your preferred charger. We'll then take you through the next steps.

To find out more, read our EV charger installation question and answers.

Looking to get an EV charger?

We'll install it for you from £9141, even if you're not with OVO. Our chargers are also compatible with Charge Anytime2, our super low smart charging rate. You can add it to any OVO plan for free.

Choose your charger

1 This price includes our Standard installation. If your online survey showed that you need another type of installation, there d be an additional cost (please see the table above). Terms and conditions apply.

2 - Charge Anytime is currently only available with a Hypevolt Home 3 Pro charger if you have a compatible EV. We’re working on making our low rates available for everyone with a Hypervolt Home 3 Pro as soon as possible.