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Managing your app login

Find out information on how to manage your app login details and make changes to your account.

Change email address

You can change your email address on the ‘My personal details’ screen under Account.

Reset Password

If you want to reset your password:

  1. Log out from the app under ‘Account’

  2. Tap the ‘Rest my password’ link on the login screen.

  3. After you type in your email address and submit the form, we’ll email you a link to set a new password.

If you haven’t received the email check all tabs, folders and spam filters in your inbox.

How to logout

Go to Account on the bottom of the navigation bar, then tap ‘Log out’ in the top box.

How to enable fingerprint access or Face ID

To set up a Fingerprint or Face ID:

  1. Go to ‘Account’

  2. Scroll down to ‘Fingerprint’ or ‘Face ID’.

  3. If Touch ID or Face ID is set up on your device you can enable them here. If not, you’ll be redirected to your device settings to set this up, then you can return to the app to enable them.

Just to let you know, this feature may not be working on some Android devices - we’re aiming to fix this as soon as we can.

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