OVO account

Help with your account

Find out more about how to manage your energy once you’ve logged into your account.

Change personal details

You can change your details at the 'Account-Profile' section.

  • Details you can change:

  • Email address

  • Password

  • Phone number

  • Marketing contact preferences

Details you can’t change:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Bank account

Your account balance

To see your current account balance go to the Home page and scroll down to ‘My energy account’.

For a detailed breakdown of your balance go to the Home page and scroll down to ‘My Last Statement’, then click ‘View all statements’.

Here, you can see all your charges, and payments made to your account.

Your statements are available to download so you can check costs for energy used, standing charges and add-ons.

Add someone to your account

You can add another person to your account by emailing or calling us. We’ll need their full name, date of birth and contact details. This allows them to contact us and discuss most aspects of the account.

Add someone to your bills

To add another person’s name to your bills, they’ll need to be made ‘Financially Liable’ on the account. You can call us all on 0330 303 5063, from Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm. For this, we’ll need verbal confirmation from both people - so make sure they’re with you when you call.

You can also email us at [email protected].

Where to find your meter readings

You can find your meter readings on the ‘Charges’ page by clicking on the ‘Electricity/Gas meter readings’ drop-down links.

To check your daily readings go to ‘Usage-Monthly’ and hover over the monthly graphs. Your daily meter readings will appear in an overlay box (if you chose daily or half-hourly readings when your smart meter was installed).

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Still need help?

If you have a gas leak, power cut , or Pay As You Go emergency, get emergency help.