Meters and In-Home Displays (IHD)

No supply on your IHD display

There are a number of reasons why your In Home Display may not be showing a supply. Find out more about what to do and how to re-enable your supply.

When your meter is close to being cut off from supply

Your IHD GEO will notify you of any changes or important notices about your credit. You should not receive any messages until your credit begins to run low.

The first notification you will see will be a Low Credit notification, this will be when you get down to £3 of available credit left.

To activate Emergency Credit from the home screen:

  1. Press the Home button

  2. Scroll to Prepay and press O.

  3. Scroll to Activate emergency credit and press O.

  4. Scroll using the arrow buttons to OK and O.

The emergency credit may take up to 30 minutes to apply. Once it does, press O.

When you have used your remaining credit, you will begin to use the Emergency Credit. You can see this in the Use icon.

If you continue to use Emergency Credit without topping up you will receive a notification informing you that your Emergency Credit ran out and you have now been cut off from the supply. You’ll need to top up in order to re-enable the energy supply.

Re-enable supply from the electric meter (PAYGO)

If your credit has run out, your supply will be switched off. Once you have credit on the meter again you will need to re-enable your supply.

If you have run out of credit and had the supply cut off you will need to Top Up before you can re-connect your supply. Your top up will need to take your meter balance over the low credit threshold (Low credit threshold is £2).

Once you have topped up: 

  1. From the home screen press the Home button.

  2. Scroll to Prepay and press O.

  3. Scroll to Enable Supply and press O.

  4. Scroll to OK and press O. 

Your supply will now be re-enabled. If you have any problems re-enabling the supply you’ll need to contact your energy provider.

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