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The renters’ guide to getting a smart meter installed

Smart meters have money-saving, carbon-kicking benefits for everyone – not just homeowners!

If you’re a tenant, here’s everything you need to know about getting a smart meter installed in your rented property.

Can I have a smart meter in a rented property?

Yes! Everyone can book a smart meter installation, whether you own your property or not. 

As long as your name is on your energy bills, you can book a smart meter installation yourself. 

Do I need my landlord’s permission to change the meter?

The answer to this question depends on whose name is on your gas and/or electricity bills. 

If you pay your own energy bills directly

It’s always worth letting your landlord or letting agent know if you’re considering getting a smart meter. You should also check your tenancy agreement, just in case there are any rules in there about changing the meter. 

But your landlord (or agent) isn’t allowed to stop you from changing the meter without a good reason.

If your landlord manages your energy bills

Are your bills included in your rent? Does your landlord or agency manage the property’s energy account? In that case, as the account holder, they’re in charge of the property’s energy meter. This means you’ll have to speak to them if you want it to be changed. It will be their decision. 

It’s always worth asking: research from Smart Energy GB shows that 72% of landlords would agree to get a smart meter installed. Plus, a quarter have had smart meters installed without being asked by tenants!

Can I have a smart meter installed in a flat?

Absolutely! You can book a smart meter installation if you live in a rented flat. It will usually go where your old gas or electricity meter is now. An engineer will come out to check that your property is suitable before they install the meter.

How to get a smart meter installed

Getting a smart meter installed is quick, free, and easy. 

All you need to do is let us know via your online account, the OVO Energy app, or our online chat

Just tell us that you’d like to get a smart meter. If it’s via phone or chat, we’ll ask a few short questions, then we’ll set up an appointment for you with one of our smart meter engineers. It really is that simple! 

The appointment itself will only take an hour (90 minutes for electricity and gas). You’ll need to switch your power off during this time. Then, you’re all good to go. 

Find out everything you need to know about how to get a smart meter installed

Why is getting a smart meter a good idea?

Why do we love smart meters so much? Let us count the ways!

  1. They give you more accurate bills. By sending us automatic meter readings, smart meters make sure you’re always being charged the right amount, based on the energy you’re using.

  2. They help you fight the climate crisis. Keeping an eye on your energy use makes it easier for you to cut down on your carbon emissions. 

  3. They’re super convenient. You don’t have to spend time sending us meter readings when the meter does it for you!

  4. They’re great for tracking your spending. You can see exactly how much your energy is costing via your In-Home Display. As they say, take care of the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves. 

  5. They’re flexible. We install the newest type of SMETS2 smart meters, which allow you to change suppliers whenever you like. 

Can I refuse to get a smart meter?

If you’ve been contacted by your supplier offering you a smart meter, you don’t have to say yes. It would be a shame to turn down more accurate bills – but it’s your decision!

If your landlord manages your energy bills, then the decision of whether or not to get a smart meter is up to them.

The UK government hopes to have smart meters installed in all homes by mid-2025. Read more about why smart meters are the future in our FAQs.

Choose an award-winning smart meter experience

We want to give our members the best smart meter experience possible – in the 2021 Uswitch Energy Awards, we were runners-up for the Best Smart Meter Installation. And on top of that, in Uswitch's latest customer ratings survey of 17,000 households in the UK, we scored 4.5 stars out of 5 overall. But don't take our word for it – here's what you've been saying about your experiences with our engineers and installations.

"OVO smart meter experience was fantastic. The engineer wore PPE and was very friendly and professional." Tracy

"The appointment was very easy to book, communication was great, the engineer called to confirm, turned up on time. He was polite, courteous and professional. Great job!"  Charles

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