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We have many top tips on how to make the most of your online account. You can also find out information on how to use app-only features below.

Find your account number

If you’re logging in through the web, you’ll find your account number by clicking “Profile”. If you’re using the app, you’ll find it on the ‘Account’ screen.

See your daily, monthly and yearly usage

Go to Usage to view your energy use by day (if your smart meter sends us daily readings), month and year. Tap the arrows on each of these options to see energy use for the previous period.

View your annual statement

In line with Ofgem regulations we no longer post or email members’ annual statements. You can see how much energy you’ve used this year on your online account, and how much it’s cost in the ‘Usage’ section by selecting the ‘Year’ tab at the top. Use the arrows at the top to see previous year’s costs.

You can view your energy use in ‘Cost’ or ‘kWh’ (kilowatt hours) by using the toggle above the graph.

How to set up meter reading reminders

To receive a notification when your next reading is due:

Go to ‘Account’ then select ‘My details’, then ‘My meter readings.’ At the top of the screen you’ll see ‘Turn on meter reading reminders.’

If notifications from OVO are disabled on

View your yearly energy use

To see and compare your previous years’ energy use:

  1. Go to Usage on the bottom navigation bar

  2. Tap the ‘Yearly’ tab to see your current year’s energy use in kWh (£ is not yet available in the app).

  3. Use the arrows to go back to previous years’ use.

Currently, you’ll only find data for the years you’ve had a smart meter. We’re working on bringing in previous data for traditional meters.

Download your bill

We send your latest bill by email or post on your billing date each month. We’ll upload your bill to your online account shortly afterwards (usually 5 days) - ready to download. 

To choose this option: 

  1. Go to ‘Billing history’ on the side navigation panel

  2. Select the ‘Download this bill’ link. 

  3. To access previous bills, select the ‘View full billing history’ link.

How to renew your contract

We’d be delighted to have you stay with us. That’s why we’ve made it easy to do. Head to the home screen, then:

  1. Click on the account tab

  2. Then click ‘my plan’

  3. You’ll see your renewal reminder at the top of the screen - just click it to see our new plans

Offers and Upgrades

Go to Account on the bottom navigation bar and tap ‘Offers and Upgrades’ to see and claim your current offers.

Add an upgrade to your plan

You can add upgrades to your plan at any time in the Offers & Upgrades section under Account.

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