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Guaranteed Standard of Performance (GSOP)

Understanding the Guaranteed Standard of Performance


Booking an appointment

If you contact us to book an appointment, we will try our best to accommodate:

  • The closest possible date for the appointment (You’ll have a 4-hour time slot) - if it cannot be straight away, we will advise you within 5 working days to offer you an alternative appointment date.

  • Should you request (during working hours) a specified period of time that is less than 2 hours long, we will try our best to arrange this for you.

Should we not do any of the above, we will pay you £30.

What happens if we need to rearrange the appointment?

If we need to rearrange our appointment, we must give you at least 1 working days’ notice. Unless, we have your written consent that we can rearrange it with less than 1 working days’ notice.

If we neglect to provide at least 1 days’ notice (without your written consent) we will pay you £30.

Your appointment date

On the day of your appointment, we will ensure that our engineer sent will possess the necessary skills, experience and resources to complete the appointment.

If they do not have the skill, experience or have missing resource, we will pay you £30.


If we have disconnected the supply to your property due to unpaid charges and you have now paid off those charges (as well as any fees to re-connect the supply) and we agree to reconnect the supply to your property, we must do so within 24 hours.

If we fail to reconnect the supply within 24 hours, we will pay you £30.

Please note, if the request has been made outside of working hours, we will look to reconnect the supply the next working day.  


Credit Meters

If you contact us about a meter which you believe is not recording your consumption correctly (or if we ourselves have evidence to suspect that it is), we will do the following:

  • Complete an initial assessment to determine if your meter is faulty within 5 working days of your contact,

  • Take appropriate action if we believe that the meter is faulty, within 5 working days of you contacting us. This action may consist of us replacing the meter, or remotely fixing it.

  • Offer to confirm in writing, the result of our initial assessment within 5 working days of you contacting us. This offer will be within the meter appointment booking confirmation.

If we neglect to do any of the above, we will pay you £30 for each failure.


Prepayment Meters

If you contact us about a faulty prepayment meter (or suspect that it is) and have lost supply, we will do the following:

  • Arrive to your property, or fix the issue remotely within 3 hours if we have been contacted on a working day, or

  • Arrive to your property within 4 hours from when we have been contacted on the weekend or bank holiday.

If we are unsuccessful in any of the above, we will pay you £30.

If you contact us about a faulty prepayment meter, and you are still on supply, within 3 hours on a working day, 4 hours on weekends or bank holidays, or look to confirm the following day if contacted outside our hours, we will take action that will assist us to:

  • Confirm if the meter is faulty, or

  • Restore the meter to be a working meter, or

  • Replace the meter.

If we fail to do this, we will pay you £30.

(Working day - Monday to Friday 8:00am-8:00pm. Weekends (and bank holidays)- 09:00am-5:00pm)

Performance of Electricity Distribution Networks & Gas Transporters

Both the Electricity Distributors and Gas Transporters may be required to pay you compensation due to faults or issues that you have experienced that they are responsible for (to find out more information of yours, or to find who yours is, please see here). We may be asked to make these payments on their behalf.

If we do not pay you the specific amount (they will advise us how much you are due) within 10 working days, we will pay you an additional £30.

Final Billing 

We’ll send you a final statement within 6 weeks of your energy supply leaving us or if you’ve told us you’re moving out of a home we supply.

If we don’t do that, we’ll pay you £30 compensation as part of Ofgem’s Guaranteed Standards of Performance. This won’t apply for erroneous transfers or if there’s a dispute over your billing. 


15 working day switch 

We’ll switch your energy supply to us within 15 working days of receiving the information we need for the switch. If we don’t do that, we’ll pay you £30 compensation as part of Ofgem’s Guaranteed Standards of Performance. This won’t apply if we believe there’s evidence of fraudulent behaviour relating to the switch, or if it’s delayed for a reason outside our control. 


Erroneous Transfer 

If your supply is accidentally switched to OVO, or if you’re switched from OVO to another supplier (both without a valid contract1), this is called an ‘erroneous transfer’. 

They can happen if energy suppliers receive the wrong details, or if somebody made a mistake somewhere. We’re all only human after all. 

If you think your supply has been moved to OVO without a valid contract1, as part of Ofgem’s Guaranteed Standards of Performance, we’ll pay you £30 compensation if it’s found to be an erroneous transfer. As well as this, if your supply has been moved to or from OVO without a valid contract1, here’s how we’ll sort it out:

  • We’ll contact the other supplier within 20 days to decide if the switch is an erroneous transfer. 
  • We’ll then write to you within 20 days if you let us know about the problem directly. We’ll either confirm it’s an erroneous transfer and that you’re being switched back, or let you know the outcome of our discussion with the other supplier. 
  • We’ll move your supply back to OVO within 21 working days of confirming the erroneous transfer with the other supplier. 

If we don’t do any of the above, we’ll pay you £30 as compensation as part of Ofgem’s  Guaranteed Standards of Performance. 

Please note, this doesn’t apply if you’ve been transferred to OVO as part of the Supplier of Last Resort process.  

1“Valid Contract” means a contract for the supply of energy that has been entered in by yourself with the supplier, and relates to the property that has been transferred.


Refunding Final Credit Balance

We agree to issue a refund of your final credit balance within 10 working days of sending your final statement (or correct final statement). This only applies to you if you have transferred to another supplier, or have moved out of a property we supply.

Please note, this will not apply if you have experienced an erroneous transfer. If we fail to do this, we will pay you £30.

Compensation Payment

If we are required to make a payment for failure of performance, we will make sure this is paid within 10 working days. Should we not pay you within 10 working days, we will pay you an additional £30.

This payment can be added to your account, sent via cheque or added onto your prepayment meter.

There are some circumstances in which we will not pay the £30 compensation

  • Where we are in a genuine dispute with the customer as to whether we are obligated to make a payment to them

  • If something occurs that is outside of our control which has meant we have been unable to attend your property e.g severe weather conditions, an act from a person that is not a representative of our company

  • If the customer inform us that they no longer wish to taken action, or further action over the issue

  • The meter has been tampered with e.g stealing energy

  • If we cannot gain access to the meter or property

  • If we have failed to attend the property to fix a faulty prepayment meter despite the customer declining the offer to fix the meter

All of the above standards are subject to change from Ofgem, and if we are required to pay in relation to this change, this will not stop us from dealing with that standard in a way that will resolve any related issues.

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