Pay as you go

How will I pay my debt back on a traditional Pay As You Go meter?

If you use any emergency credit, you'll need to pay it back in full from your next top-up. So if you can, make sure you buy enough credit to pay back the emergency credit, and still have some left for you to use for energy.

If you're paying back a bill debt or we lend you some credit when you contact us, we’ll agree how you’ll pay it back at the time. We can spread the cost and you won’t need to pay it back in one go. You can pay it off gradually through your meter, a week at a time.

Part of your gas top-ups will be used for your weekly repayments. This is collected from the first top-up you make from Wednesday each week. Your electricity repayments will be spread out evenly throughout the week. So please make sure you’re making regular top-ups to cover these repayments and the energy you use.

If the repayment rate is ever set too high, please get in touch. (For information on how to check your repayment rate, see "Understanding your electricity meter screens” or "Understanding your gas meter screens"). We’re here to support you and we’ll always find a repayment plan that works for you. Once you've repaid the credit we lent you, your meter will automatically stop taking repayments. You’ll just pay for the energy you use from then on.

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