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Meter error codes and what they mean

Electricity meter screen codes:

RESET, TOKEN NO or ERRORS 1, 2, 3, 50 or 99: We need to change your meter – please call 0330 175 9669 as soon as you can, so we can sort it out.

Blank screen: if the red light isn’t flashing, there’s no power getting to your meter. Please contact your District Network Operator (DNO). The easiest way to contact them is to call the power cut helpline on 105.

If the red light is flashing, insert your key in the meter and hold down the blue button to wake up your meter. If this doesn’t work, give us a ring on 0330 175 9669, as something might be wrong.

ERROR 6: you’re using the wrong key, or your key has stopped working. Please get in touch and we’ll tell you how to sort out a new one.

ERROR 10: this can mean your key needs a clean – so try wiping the chip with a clean, dry cloth and then put it back in. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to pick up a new key.

ERROR 11 to 44: you need a new key. Please get in touch so we can arrange for you to pick one up from your local PayPoint, Payzone or Post Office.

If you see any other onscreen error messages, it probably means you need a new key. Write down the error message on your meter display and get in touch with us on 0330 175 9669, so we can arrange a new key for you.

Gas meter screen codes:

CALL HELP: Please call us on 0330 175 9669 right away. We might need to arrange for an engineer to reset your meter before it runs out of credit and disconnects.

Card fail, card fail 35 or card fail -----: There could be an issue with your gas card. Please call us on 0330 175 9669 to request a replacement card.

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