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What is OVO Foundation?

OVO Foundation is the charitable arm of OVO Energy. It exists to make a difference in three important areas: access to energy, youth poverty and educational inequality. We set up the OVO Foundation in 2014 to expand OVO Energy’s giving and bring caring closer to home.

It’s a big world - and there are many brilliant projects and partners out there - so we are focusing on key areas that really resonate with everyone at OVO. Our aim is to tackle issues that are right on our doorstep as well as bigger global concerns.

Want more detail? Let’s take a closer look at OVO Foundation’s key focus areas:

Access to energy

OVO Foundation views energy as one of life’s essentials and is passionate about supporting projects that provide people with access to reliable, renewable and sustainable energy. 

Project Jua is our unique and pioneering project electrifying schools and health clinics in rural parts of Kenya. Following a successful pilot, we’re now investing an additional £1.75 million to scale up the project . And we’re taking everything we’ve learned in the pilot stage to improve many aspects for phase two.

Youth poverty

We’ve launched our own pioneering project called Future Builders. It’s a radical new approach to youth homelessness where we support young people to renovate semi-derelict houses that they will go on to live in, while giving them the training and support they need to gain access to education, employment or training (EET). The pilot launched in Bristol in 2017 and has since expanded in Bristol, as well as to Sheffield, Norwich and Birmingham too. 


Educational Inequality

OVO Foundation supports early years projects with children aged 0-5. We know that tackling educational inequality from an early stage can have the most profound impact. Head to our website to find out more. 


OVO Gives Back charities

OVO Foundation also funds and runs an annual programme called OVO Gives Back. It’s powered by our employees who nominate and vote for local charities in Bristol and London to support through volunteering and with grants from OVO Foundation’s £100,000 ‘Community Chest’. 

Discover the brilliant projects we’re supporting this year and what they have planned.




The OVO Charitable Foundation (“OVO Foundation”) is a registered charity - its charity registration number is 1155954. Though our Foundation is an extension of our beliefs and values, it is independent and regulated by the Charity Commission. Find out more about what it means to be a registered charity on the Charity Commission website.


Every penny that OVO members donate to the Foundation is matched by OVO Energy, doubling our power to make positive changes. All administration and staff costs are covered, meaning 100% of your donations go straight to our amazing projects. We also guarantee that at least £1 million is pledged per annum to support all our great projects. 


At the moment, we’re only set up to accept donations from OVO members. When you switch to OVO or renew your contract, we’ll ask if you’d like to make a donation. You can also start donating anytime during your contract or change your donation amount in My OVO.

If you have any further questions about the OVO Foundation, please visit our FAQs


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