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Leaving OVO

We’ll make switching away as simple as joining us – even if it makes us a bit sad!

I want to switch away. What do I do?

1. Sign up to another supplier online or over the phone.

Before you leave us, make sure you’re not in debt – and double check whether or not you have to pay exit fees.

2. You have a 14-day cooling-off period.

Your 14-day cooling-off period begins on the day you start your switch. During this time, you can come back to OVO without paying exit fees to your new supplier. 

3. Your new supplier will also contact us after your 14-day cooling-off period.

This is to let us know you’re leaving and ask to take over your supply.

4. A few days before your switch date, your new supplier will ask for your first meter readings. 

You get a 10-day window to give your opening meter readings. It begins 5 days before your switch date, and finishes 5 days after. We really recommend sending us those readings too, to help your switch run as smoothly as possible.

Your new supplier will then send off your readings to be validated by the central database that all suppliers use.

5. As soon as they’re validated, we'll close your account. 

If you’ve got a debt balance, you’ll need to pay it before you leave. If you’re in credit, we’ll automatically refund that money back into your bank account within 10 working days of you receiving your final OVO bill.

I have an OVO smart meter. Can I switch to another supplier?

Yes, but you might discover that one or more of your smart products (your smart meter, Smart Gateway or In-Home Display) isn’t compatible with your new supplier.

So it’s best to ask them whether your smart meter will still work – or whether it will become a traditional meter – when you switch.

Which energy suppliers are compatible with OVO smart products?

We use Secure smart meters. Other suppliers currently using the same kind of Secure smart meters are include Avid Energy, Co-Operative, E,  Economy Energy, Ecotricity, E.ON, First Utility, Flow Energy, Our Power Energy Supply Ltd, Spark Energy, Utility Warehouse and Utilita. So if you decide to move to one of those suppliers, they’ll be able to communicate with your OVO smart meter. 

Before you switch between OVO and any supplier that isn’t mentioned above, give them a call to check if your meter is compatible - otherwise, it will become a traditional meter until your new supplier begins supporting it. 

When will smart meters become compatible across suppliers?

The industry aim to ensure that SMETs1 meters are compatible with all energy suppliers by the end of 2019. SMETS2 meters are being rolled out from October 2018.  See more here

Will my Smart Gateway still work with a different energy supplier?

No. It won’t work with any other energy company’s meters, as you need to be able to access the data through My OVO. 

What happens to my In-Home Display (IHD) if I switch suppliers?

If you’re moving to E.ON, First Utility or Utilita among others, your IHD will still work, and you’ll be able to read your energy use amounts in kWh. However, your new supplier will need to reprogramme your meter with their rates and your new tariff before the IHD can tell you how much you’re actually spending on your energy.

If you’re moving to another supplier, your IHD won’t work.

Talk to your new supplier about this, and if their system is not compatible with your IHD, ask whether they can offer you a replacement at no extra charge.

What is an exit or termination fee? Does OVO charge them?

It’s a charge for ending your contract early. That said, you can’t be charged exit fees during your 14-day cooling-off period or when you are in your renewals window if you are on a fixed tariff and it is about to expire  

If you’re on our variable rate plan (Simpler Energy), you can move to another OVO plan or another supplier whenever you want, without paying exit fees. That’s because you’re not tied into a 12-month contract.

We also won’t charge you if you ‘upgrade’ OVO plans from:

  • Better Energy to 2 Year Fixed.
  • Better Energy or 2 Year Fixed to ‘Green Energy’ with our add-on.

However, if you’re on one of our fixed rate plans (Better Energy or 2 Year Fixed) and your contract has more than 49 days until it ends, we’ll charge you £30 for each fuel if you leave. 

We’ll also charge you a £30 exit fee for each fuel if you move from: 

  • Better Energy to Simpler Energy.
  • 2 Year Fixed to Better Energy.
What happens if I leave OVO with a credit balance?

If you’ve been paying by Direct Debit, we’ll automatically refund what you overpaid into your bank account within 2 weeks of you receiving your final OVO bill (not 2 weeks after you’ve applied to switch).

If you have both gas and electricity with us, your final bill might arrive as 2 separate statements. So you’ll get your refund around 2 weeks after you’ve received both.

What can slow down my switch and how will delays be resolved?

Most of the time, your switch will go smoothly without any hiccups. But, occasionally, there might be a delay – and it’s likely to be from one of these things: 

1. Your meter readings might take longer than normal to be validated

When you sign up to your new supplier, they’ll ask for your electricity and gas opening readings. They will also get your readings checked against the meter readings from us.

These checks are carried out by different companies, which means that when your validated readings are returned to them and your new supplier, they might not come back together. This can lead to a delayed first statement on one of your fuels. And if the figures don’t match, it can lead to a reading dispute. 

2. Your meter details or address might be wrong

It might be that they’re missing one of your meter numbers, or haven't got your full address. 

3. You might have had an erroneous transfer

They’ll use the national database to find your meter details, so they switch the right person. They should send these to you to check. If you forget and they don't match, they might transfer someone else by mistake. This is called an erroneous transfer.

4. You've built up a debt

If you owe us money, we may reject or block your switch, which will lead to a delay.

I’m trying to switch away. Why have you raised an ‘objection’?

An ‘objection’ is an official way of us saying, “you can’t leave us yet”. This might happen if:

  • You still owe us money.
  • You’re breaking the terms of your contract.
  • Your supply has been accidentally switched, known as an erroneous transfer.
  • You spot an erroneous transfer and ask us to block it.
  • You've got a ‘related’ meter or meters, which have 2 or more meter point administration numbers (MPANs), and your new provider hasn't tried to switch both at the same time.

If we do raise an objection, we must let you know as soon as possible (this is one of the terms of our licence) and explain:

  • Why we’ve raised the objection.
  • How you can resolve matters and get us to remove the objection.

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