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In-home displays

Find out what one is – and how it can help you manage your energy better.

What’s an In-Home Display (IHD)?

An In-Home Display is a small electrical device with a touch screen. It’s paired up with a smart meter to give you all kinds of data about your energy use.

You’ll get an IHD on the day of your smart meter installation (unless you decide you don’t want one). Our engineer will set it up and give you a demonstration on how it works.

If you have an In-Home Display that looks like the one above, it has a handy 3 minute tutorial that shows you the main features using some example energy use data.  Just access the tutorial by pressing the Home button, then the right arrow button five times.

How will an In-Home display help me manage my energy?

An IHD keeps you up to date with how much energy you’re using, what it’s costing you, and how much carbon dioxide (CO2) you’re producing. You can change the screen to show your current use, or your use over the last few hours, days, weeks or months. You can also see how much you’re using in kilowatt hours (kWh), and what it’s costing you.

You can even use the IHD to set alerts and warnings to help you keep track of your usage. Or, if you want to limit the daily amount of energy you use, you can set it to warn you when you’re getting close to a level of kWh or cost each day.

I’ve heard about Smart Gateways. Do you still offer them?

No. We only offered Smart Gateways to our customers between 23rd April and 7th September 2015. We now offer an In-Home Display (IHD) instead, so you can have a standalone, 24/7 window into your energy usage. 

What did Smart Gateways do?

The Smart Gateway was a gadget which linked your smart meter to My OVO, so you could track your energy usage on your own devices. You plugged it into your home broadband router and it connected wirelessly to your smart meter, sending real-time and historical data about your energy use to My OVO

If you’ve got an old OVO Smart Gateway that you’re still using, here are our terms and conditions.

I have a Smart Gateway. What happens if it stops working?

First, check these things:  

  • That your broadband connection is working.  
  • That your Gateway is switched on.  
  • That the Ethernet link is active (light B should be green). Make sure you push the Ethernet cable into the port until you hear a click. Try using a different port on your router if it doesn’t work the first time.  
  • That your Gateway and meters are linked (light A should be green). You might need to move your Gateway closer to your meters.  

Still not working? Please email us.

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Coronavirus update: As of 23rd March, we’ve stopped taking any new, non-essential smart meter appointments, until at least 1st May 2020.

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Coronavirus update: As of 23rd March, we’ve stopped taking any new, non-essential smart meter appointments, until at least 1st May 2020.

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