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OVO tariffs explained

Get the lowdown on all our plans.

What’s an energy tariff?

Tariffs and plans (that’s what we call them at OVO) are exactly the same thing. It’s the electricity or gas – or electricity and gas – deal you choose from your energy supplier. It tells you how much you’ll pay for each unit of energy and the standing charge, whether you’re tied into a deemed or fixed contract, and where the fuel comes from. So your decision might be influenced by price, flexibility or being ‘green’.

What’s a fixed tariff?

Fixed prices mean just that. Fixing the price of your unit rates, (measured in kWh) and your standing charge with a contract for set amount of time. The amount on your statement will change each month, as that depends on how many units of energy you’ve used – but the flat rate you pay for each of those units of gas or electricity will stay the same.

Sorting out a fixed price is a good thing for many people because:

  • Your energy prices don’t go up – even if the wholesale energy market does.   
  • You’ve got peace of mind – if energy prices increase for others, yours won’t.
  • You can budget more easily – you pay by monthly Direct Debit in advance.
What's the longest I can fix my rates for with OVO?

Take a look at our current fixed plans to see which is the longest – and get a quick quote.

What’s a standard variable tariff? And what are variable rates?

A standard variable tariff (or SVT) is a plan with variable rates. That means your standing charge and the unit rate you pay for your energy can go either up or down, according to what the wholesale market is doing.

If wholesale prices rise, we have to pay more for the energy we buy on your behalf. If you’re on a variable rate plan, we pass that price rise on to you so you’ll pay more for your energy.

We’ll always give you at least 30 days’ notice about a price change increase, so you can choose to switch to a fixed tariff and save some money if you prefer.

Variable plans have no fixed term at all, so you can leave (or upgrade to a fixed rate plan) whenever you want, with no exit fees.

What’s the difference between variable and fixed rate energy plans?

You can read more about the ins and outs of both plans above. But if you want an at-a-glance distinction, take a look at this comparison table:









Not fixed – prices can go up and down


Fixed – they won’t change for the duration of your contract




Usually more expensive than fixed


Usually cheaper than variable




No contract – it just rolls, month to month


Yes – you’re tied in for a set period of time


Exit fees


No fees


Some tariffs have exit fees



Which are cheaper, fixed or variable rate energy plans?

Usually, variable rate plans are more expensive than fixed rate plans. But that’s a guideline not a rule, so you should always compare the rates, contract terms and tariff information labels.

What energy plans do you offer?

You can find all our current fixed and variable rate plans here.

How can I find the best plan for me?

The best thing to do is to look at all our fixed and variable rate plans and compare them, as different ones will be right for different people.

Do you offer an Economy 7 or night tariff?

If you have an Economy 7 meter, you can choose any OVO plan and we’ll give you two unit rates – one for day and one for night. If you want to know more about Economy 7, please read our ‘Guide to Economy 7’.

Do you offer an Economy 10 tariff?

We don’t offer a specific Economy 10 plan, but you can choose any OVO plan and we’ll give you two unit rates (one for day and one for night) – just like with Economy 7. If you want to know more about Economy 10, please read our ‘Guide to Economy 10

Do you offer ‘business energy’?

No. We used to supply businesses but we don’t take on new non-domestic customers anymore, unfortunately.

To see the unit rates and standing charges for existing micro-business customers, check out our micro-business unit rate table.

If you were an OVO Energy business customer you may have been switched to Clear Business. You would have received a letter at the time you were switched. Find out how to contact them on their website.

If you are unsure whether or not your account has switched to Clear Business, please call us on 0330 303 5063 and ask to be put through to the Business Team or email [email protected]

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