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Green Electricity

Make the change anytime.

Whether you’re thinking about joining OVO or looking to upgrade your current plan, you can choose 100% renewable electricity1 whenever you like with Green Electricity.

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Go green for just £5 a month

We think that doing your bit for the environment should be easy. That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to pick your favourite plan, and upgrade it to 100% renewable electricity1 – any time you like. Whether your plan is fixed rate or variable, you can enjoy total flexibility with our Green Electricity upgrade

Upgrade anytime. Cancel whenever.

Only £5 extra per month

On top of your monthly bill. It doesn’t take much to start changing the world.

100% renewable electricity1

Power your home differently, with electricity from sustainable sources – like wind off the Scottish coast or solar from sunny Spain.

5 trees planted on your behalf 2

Make the UK’s community spaces greener, through an initiative that’s planted over 400,000 trees so far.

A stake in the future

Support technologies that allow more renewable electricity generation, so we can build a greener, more sustainable energy system for the future.

Everyone can get involved

Anyone can choose to sign up for Green Electricity. And we’ve made it really flexible. You can add it to (or remove it from) your account at any time. No contracts. Just simple planet-friendly energy.

If you’re already with us... 

Whether you’ve recently joined us or have been with OVO for years, just follow this link and select Green Electricity upgrade. You can change your mind and remove it at any time. Simple.

Go green now

If you’re about to switch to OVO… 

Just select ‘upgrade’ when you’re signing up, to make sure you get Green Electricity. It’s that easy.

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Together we'll plant
half a million trees

We all know that climate change can’t be solved overnight – or with a magic wand. But if we each commit to making a few small changes – together, we can take giant leaps towards a healthier planet. 

We’ve been planting trees on behalf of our Green Electricity customers since 2015, with local schools, communities and volunteers through our I Dig Trees programme. But this year we’re reaching something of a milestone. By the time tree planting season is over in March, we’re aiming to have planted over half a million trees.

That’s a whole carbon-fighting forest, right there.

Frequently Asked Questions

All our plans – Better Energy, 2 Year Fixed Energy and Simpler Energy – give you at least 33% renewable electricity3, as standard. But what Green Electricity does is boost that percentage up to 100%2.

It’s super flexible too – you simply add it or drop if from your plan, anytime you like.

For just £5 a month, it gives you:

  • 100% renewable electricity1, from green sources like wind and solar.

  • No CO2 emissions from your electricity.

  • 5 trees planted on your behalf2 through I Dig Trees to reduce CO2 even further.

  • A stake in the future, as we’re investing in technology to build a more sustainable energy system.

Keen to learn more about our fuel mix? See a breakdown of exactly where your energy comes from in our ‘fuel mix disclosure’.

Your Green Electricity is continuous, so you’ll always have it unless you change your mind.

To stop getting 100% Green Electricity, just log in to My OVO, and go to the ‘Your Profile’ page where you can hit ‘cancel’ this will be applied to your account the following month.

Depending on your statement cycle (eg. the monthly date that it’s generated), Green Electricity might not show up on your statement until the month after you’ve added it. The first month it appears it’ll be backdated, so you can clearly see when your charges have started.

Well, if you’re passionate about protecting the planet – the best part of signing up to Green Electricity is the knowledge that you’re helping the environment, and your local communities. Not only by choosing 100% renewable electricity1, but also by having 5 trees planted on your behalf2 in the UK for every year you ‘go green’.

On top of that, you’re also helping to build a greener, more sustainable energy system for the future.

We’ll email you to tell you if the price is going to increase, but remember that you can always check whether you’re still ‘opted in’ through My OVO, and change this at any time. And any charges will appear on your monthly statements.

You’ll stop paying forGreen Electricity, as soon as you go ‘off-supply’ with us. Just let us know when you’re moving out, through My OVO.

Payments for Green Electricity are taken in advance for the upcoming month, so you’ll still pay for the whole month, even if you’re leaving midway through.

If you’re leaving us, you’ll stop paying for Green Electricity, as soon as you go ‘off-supply’ with us.

Payments for Green Electricity are taken in advance for the upcoming month, so you’ll still pay for the whole month, even if you’re leaving midway through.

You can cancel Green Electricity at any time in My OVO on the my profile screen. And, if you do, your Direct Debit will be adjusted accordingly.

A range of green sources including wind, solar, geothermal and hydro.

Find out more

Even if you’re paying for 100% renewable electricity, no supplier can guarantee that the electricity coming into your home is from a renewable source. That’s because it all gets pooled in the National Grid – dirty and green alike.

Think about the National Grid like a motorway where cars (electricity) come on at different junctions (various sources) and leave at different exits (homes and offices). Once electricity is in the grid, there’s no way of knowing where it came from.

However, when you choose renewable electricity, you make a positive contribution by putting more ‘green’ cars on the ‘energy motorway’ – and help us to progress towards a cleaner, greener future.

These ‘green cars’ are essentially certificates (REGOs and GoOs) that we buy on your behalf. So although it’s not possible to know whether the electricity that ends up in your home is from a renewable source – we can guarantee that every unit you use will be replaced on the network by a unit of renewably sourced electricity.

They’re certificates to prove that we’re getting our electricity from renewable sources when we say we are.

Ofgem, the energy regulator, gives out one REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin) certificate per megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable electricity that we supply. The same goes for GoOs (Guarantees of Origin) but these come from European participants in the Association of Issuing Bodies.

Because we like to keep things simple. Rather than locking you into long contracts or charging different amounts each month depending on how much you’re using, we just add £5 a month to your bill if you want 100% renewable electricity1.

This accounts for the fact that you use a bit more energy in the winter than you do in the summer – and gives you the option to opt in and out when you choose, without having to switch to a new plan.

Your Green Electricity isn’t tied to your energy contract, so you’ll continue to get the add-on until you decide to opt-out, which you can do in My OVO.

The Greener Energy plan is a fixed rate 12-month plan that gives you 100% renewable energy1, the cost of which is included within the plan’s unit rates. The Green Electricity add-on is different. It also gives you 100% renewable energy1, but it’s an extra that can be added to any of our other plans.

We’ve now made a change that means you can only get our fixed-rate Greener Energy plan when you sign up to it via a price comparison website. After the 12-month contract ends you’ll then have to pick from one of our other plans. But you can add the Green Energy add-on to any of these and you’ll still get 100% renewable energy1 – just as you did on the Greener Energy plan.

We made this change because it was important to us that all our customers have the freedom to choose 100% renewable energy1, no matter what plan they sign up to. This means whether you want a fixed rate or a variable energy plan, you can choose to make it green anytime you want.

Yes, you can move plans but you might need to pay exit fees if you still have time left on your contract. That’s why we recommend that you wait until it’s time to renew your plan before you consider opting into Green Electricity.

Yes, you can – and we’d love it if you choose to.

Go for it. You can add it on to any OVO plan for just £5 a month. And the good news is, there’s no fixed contract with it. You can simply add and remove as you please, here.

Not an OVO customer yet? Make the switch today. We’d love to have you onboard.

1 If you’re signed up to Green Electricity, we purchase renewable certificates for 100% of your electricity use from green sources such as wind, solar, geothermal and hydro. Visit our for more information.

2 We aim to plant 5 trees on your behalf in green spaces over the UK through our I Dig Trees programme. From April 2017 to March 2018 we're aiming to have planted at least 150,000 trees bringing the total number of trees planted to over 500,000 trees since 2015. Find out more about I Dig Trees, here:

3 33% renewable electricity as standard as of 1st April 2015. Renewable electricity is generated from wind, solar, geothermal and hydro.

*Full T&Cs apply, see and

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