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Get flexibility with our Standard Variable tariff

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Looking for a simple, rolling energy plan? Welcome to our Standard Variable tariff. Prices could go up or down in line with energy rates. But with no fixed contract, you're free to change plans or suppliers whenever you like.

Our Standard Variable tariff. Keeping it simple.

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With our flexible tariff, you won't be charged for leaving or switching plans.

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Flexible rates

Your energy bills could go up or down in line with energy prices.

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Standard variable1 Year Fixed
Tariff typeVariableFixed
Contract lengthNone12 months
Prices reviewedEvery 3 monthsAt end of contract
Early exit feesFree£75 for each fuel
Compatible with Charge Anytime, our EV add-onYesYes
100% renewable electricityNoNo
Greener Energy upgrade availableYesYes
Boiler cover available seperatelyYesYes

Why choose OVO?

We're making energy better

Millions choose OVO because we're making energy better for you, your wallet and the planet. With our expert teams and range of smart tech, we can help you save energy - and money.

We can help you save

Smart meter customers can join Power Move and be rewarded for using energy at greener times. You can also unlock our super-low EV smart charging rate with Charge Anytime.2

Making greener choices

Each year we plant 1 million trees in the UK. And for everyone who adds our £10-a-month Greener Energy upgrade to their plan, we'll give £20 a year to help new independent UK renewable generators get up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 To join our Power Move challenge, you need to be an OVO pay monthly and on demand customer with a smart meter that sounds half-hourly readings. Terms and eligibility criteria apply. For details, see full Power Move Terms and conditions. Power Move is aimed at reducing non-essential peak-time electricity use only.

2 When you add Charge Anytime to your plan, your home energy rate will stay the same, but the energy consumed by your EV will be charged at an effective rate of 7p per kWh when smart charging (thanks to payment of your Charge Anytime charging credit). To get the Charge Anytime credit-on, you'll need a compatible electric vehicle and/or EV charger, a smart meter, and to download our app. You'll also need to agree with your smart meter sharing half-hourly readings with us. For full details of compatible chargers and EVs, please see our Charge Anytime terms and conditions.