Pay As You Go

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pay As You Go?

It’s quite different from paying monthly. Here are the main differences:

The advantages

  • You always pay in advance, which means you know exactly how much you’re spending on energy.

  • With a smart meter you can top up anytime from your mobile using the OVO Energy Top-up app.

  • You can top up at over 27,500 PayPoint shops.

  • If you have an existing debt, you'll be able to pay it off through your meter(s), gradually. 

  • You can top up from as little as £1.

  • You have access to emergency credit on your meter(s), to keep you going until you can top up again.

The disadvantages

  • You need to regularly check your credit and keep your meter(s) topped up.

  • If you’re using more energy than usual, you can't spread the costs over time.

  • If your credit goes below £0, your power might be disconnected until you can top up again – but we’re here to support you and stop this from happening. Please contact us if you can’t afford to top up or if you’re ever unable to.

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Still need help?

If you have a gas leak, power cut , or Pay As You Go emergency, get emergency help.