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Meter Reading Problems

How to solve problems with your meter readings, from incorrect meter readings to reading disputes.

I gave an incorrect meter reading. What should I do?

Reading your meter should be straightforward, but we’re all human – and it’s easy to mistype a number, or mix up readings. Luckily, it’s also easy to fix. 

Here’s what to do:

  1. Take a correct reading straightaway. 
  2. Call us to submit the reading and tell us what’s happened.

If you don’t, both readings will go into your account and could cause a billing error.

How to contact us: 
Call us on 0330 303 5063: 
Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm
Email us at [email protected], tweet us  or ask us on Facebook 


What if I’ve mixed up my day and night readings on an Economy 7 meter? 

You’re not alone – it’s super common. If you’ve got a traditional meter and the two rows of figures aren’t labelled, work out which is which with a simple ‘load test’.  FInd out more about Economy 7 here.

How to do the load test:

Just read both readings on your electricity meter twice on the same day – firstly in the morning (after 9am) and secondly in the afternoon or evening (before 9pm). Then email us at [email protected] with the following info:
Meter Serial Number: ***********
Date you took the meter readings: **/**/**
Morning meter readings and the time you took them: 
Time: **am
The day register ID and reading: R* - *****
The night register ID and reading: R* - *****
Afternoon or evening meter readings and the time you took them: 
Time: **am.
The day register ID and reading: R* - *****
The night register ID and reading: R* - *****
Do you have an electric heating system (e.g. storage heaters)? Yes/No
Register IDs are the little numbers or letters on the left hand side of the reading (e.g. R1/R2/L/N etc). Please don’t forget to include them.

Or, if you have a smart meter

  1. Press ‘6’.
  2. Press it three more times until ‘IMP R01’ appears on the display panel. This gives you your nighttime (off-peak) reading in kWh. 
  3. Press ‘6’ again to see ‘IMP R02’, which shows your daytime reading.

If the display shows that the reading you’ve sent us is definitely wrong, take a correct reading right away and get in touch to tell us about it.

What if I think my opening meter reading is wrong?

Just get in touch with us – and we’ll take a look at it. If something seems wrong, we’ll open a ‘reading dispute’ with your old supplier. 

What’s a meter reading dispute?

Sometimes when we get opening or closing readings through, they don’t match up with what we think they should be (based on what we know about your home). So we ask your previous supplier for help. 

How it works:

You need to take two sets of meter readings, at least two weeks apart.
We’ll take a look at them and see if they look wrong.
If they do, we’ll contact your old supplier to start a dispute on your behalf.
This may mean that they change your final statement and bill.   
Once everything’s been sorted, we’ll create an up-to-date statement and drop you an email to let you know. Your old supplier should also update your account and send you a new statement if you need one.

While we investigate what’s happened, you won’t get a statement from us, but we’ll take your Direct Debit as normal. In short: your balance might not be 100% accurate while the dispute’s going on, but it’s nothing to worry about. 

How long can a dispute take?

It can take up to:

  • 12 weeks for gas. 
  • 12 weeks for electricity. 

Although it might take a little longer if we don't have enough – or the right – information. It might feel like a long time, but don’t worry. We’ll be working hard to sort it out, and will contact you as soon as we’re done.

Why have you opened my account with estimated readings?

Simply because, for whatever reason, we couldn’t set up your account with your opening meter readings. There are a couple of reasons why this may be the case. 

When we set your account up on our system, there’s a specific 10-day time period where we need your opening meter readings. If we don’t get them between 5 days before or 5 days after your start date, we’ll have used estimates. 

Also, if your meter readings are submitted on time but are disputed, we may need to open your account with estimates until we can resolve the dispute. 

To help busy people like you/everyone, we’ve set up monthly meter readings reminder in My OVO.