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OVO pricing principles

Discover all the important things about our prices and pricing.

How do you work out what to charge for gas and electricity?

We’re constantly watching wholesale prices, and what it costs to supply energy to your home, to see if we can pass any savings onto you. However, this also means that, sometimes, we have to put our prices up too. This cost reflective pricing sits at the heart of our promise to you – that your deal will always be fair, transparent and as competitive as possible.

Do you price match? 

No. We don’t offer ‘price matching’ (where we offer you the same price as another supplier), as we believe in treating all our customers fairly and offering everyone the same rates. 

Do you charge exit or termination fees? 

Yes. We charge exit fees on our fixed rate plans but not on our variable rate plan, Simpler Energy.If you want to find out if they apply to your plan, please check your contract. If it does include exit fees, you may be liable to pay these charges if you leave your fixed plan early, or downgrade your plan at any point during your contract. The amount will be £30 per fuel (including VAT). 

Why does OVO charge early exit fees?

We’ve always promised to give our customers the best price that we can, and we charge early exit fees to ensure that we can continue to do this.

When customers join OVO on one of our fixed plans we buy their energy for the year in advance. However, not knowing whether customers will stay with us for the full length of their contract and use the energy we’ve bought for them creates uncertainty for us.

If a customer chooses to leave us before the end of their contract, we’re left with unsold energy, so we’ve had to protect ourselves against these possible losses by raising our prices.

To make sure we’re always able to offer our customers the very best deal we can, we charge an early exit fee for all customers that choose to leave our fixed plans before the end of their contract.


What happens if your prices change?

When we change our prices, we do our best to make sure you hear about it by updating our website.

If you’re on a fixed tariff (Better Energy or 2 Year Fixed Energy), it doesn’t matter whether wholesale market energy costs rise or fall – your unit prices and standing charges will stay the same for the duration of your plan. 

If you’re on a variable tariff (Simpler Energy), your energy prices might rise or fall with the wholesale market but we’ll always give you at least 30 days’ notice if it’s a prince increase, so you can switch to a fixed tariff if you want to.

If you’ve got an EV bundle or Green Energy add-on, a rise or fall in wholesale energy prices won’t affect them, as they’re priced separately to our plans. However, their prices still could change for different reasons – please see the Green add-on T&Cs and EV bundle T&Cs to find out more.


If you need more help

More help is on hand for this topic on the OVO Forum. And if you don't find the answers you need, feel free to ask a question and one of our forum users can help.


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When was your last price increase or decrease? 

Our most recent fixed price change was a 2.4% increase for customers on our Better Energy Plan and an 2.3% increase for customers on our 2 Year Fixed Energy Plan at 00.01am Tuesday 12 June 2018 . This increase is due to large increases we've seen in commodity in the last couple of months. 

These changes affected all new and renewing customers, signing up or re-fixing, on any of our fixed plans (Better Energy, Greener Energy or 2 Year Fixed Energy).

On 8 June 2018 we announced that we were increasing our Simpler Energy (variable) tariff rates with effect from 00.01am Friday 8 June 2018 due to the cost of wholesale energy rising steadily, as a result we're now increasing the cost of your energy by 5%. These changes only affect customers who’ve chosen or rolled onto our variable rate plan (Simpler Energy). To see our unit rates click here

What does it mean for me if your prices change?

It doesn’t matter whether wholesale market energy costs rise or fall – your unit prices and standing charges will stay the same for the duration of your fixed plan.

We’re as honest and open as possible about our prices. We do our best to keep them low and stable, but sometimes wholesale market energy prices change so much that we have to change our prices too. We might also have to change our prices because of changes in the law or because some of our other costs have gone up.

When we change our prices, we do our best to make sure you hear about it by updating our website.

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