Pay as you go

Topping up your traditional meter

Topping up for the first time

To register your new electricity key or gas card, put it into the correct meter for at least a minute. The electricity meter will show a message to let you know it's registered, and the gas meter will beep.

Amount of credit you can top up in one go

This depends on where you’re topping up, as different shops can have different minimum amounts. But these are the usual top-up limits:

  • The minimum you can top up is £1
  • The maximum you can top up your gas meter in one go is £49 
  • The maximum you can top up your electricity meter in one go is £50 
  • You can only top up in full pounds 
  • The maximum amount a payment card can hold is £249 and the most a key can hold is £250

Adding credit to your meter

To top up take your top-up card or key to:

Once you’ve topped up, follow the instructions below.

For gas meters 

  • Insert your card into the gas meter and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Make sure the gold-coloured chip is facing the meter display. Press and hold the red ‘A’ button, and the credit will appear on your meter.

For electricity meters

  • Insert your key into the electricity meter, and follow the instructions on the screen. 
  • Make sure the arrow on the key is facing upwards. The new credit should show automatically.

If you’ve topped up at a shop, keep your receipt each time just in case. If the money doesn’t appear in your meter, we’ll need to look into it for you.

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