The OVO Energy Fund Terms and Conditions

1. The OVO Energy Fund (the “Fund”) is open to customers if:
i. You receive your domestic electricity and/or gas supply from OVO Energy and continue to do so until your rebate is received; and
ii. You, as the OVO Energy domestic electricity and/or gas account holder meet the initial eligibility to apply criteria defined under condition 6.

2. We may close the scheme early if debt awards to eligible customers reach the total value of the Fund before the planned end date of the Fund.

3. We may change the terms and conditions of the scheme at any time.

4. You, as our customer, agree to provide us or our delivery partner with documentary evidence upon request, as specified in your application communication, to demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria. Any evidence requested must be submitted within the timescale where stated.

5. You acknowledge that you will demonstrate a commitment to improving personal financial sustainability for the future, i.e. the intention to pay current and future consumption costs on an ongoing basis. You may demonstrate this by:
i. engaging with the money and advice made available with this scheme; and
ii. signing the declaration on the application form confirming this intention. 

6. In order to apply for the Fund you must:
i. be a current OVO Energy customer;
ii. have a debt of at least £50 on your OVO Energy gas or electricity account;
iii. have a valid reason affecting your ability to pay, such as a vulnerability in your household, which you are able and willing to evidence within the timeframe, where stated; and
iiii. have a gross annual household income of £16,190 or less.

7. You acknowledge and agree that in order for us to check your eligibility for the Fund that we, and / or an organisation working on our behalf, may:
i. ask you for the information required to check or confirm your eligibility;
ii. share this information with us in order for us to check the accuracy of this information; and/or
iii. contact you to seek your documentary evidence and information for verification purposes, and you agree to us sharing your information with any such organisation processing your data for the purposes of the Fund.

8. You acknowledge that we and/or an organisation working on our behalf may use the information which you have provided to us in order to process your application and provide you with rebates and other relevant assistance which you may be eligible for.

9. OVO Energy reserves the right to review all applications on a case by case basis and may reject your application under certain circumstances. This may include, but is not limited to:

i. Successful applications in previous scheme years where OVO Energy are not satisfied that Clause 5 has been met.

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