Moving home and switching supplier

Moving home

If you’re a home mover OVO can help by making your life as easy as possible!

Moving out?

If you’re an OVO customer and you’re moving into a new home in the next 28 days, let us know in My OVO (and if you’re on a fixed or variable rate plan, we won’t charge you exit fees). 

We’ll ask for these things to close your account: 

  • The date you moved (or are due to move) out of the property.

  • A meter reading for that date.

  • Your new address or forwarding details.

  • Your new phone number.

If possible, it would also help us to know:

  • The name and address of the landlord, if you don't own your old home. 

Moving in?

If your new home is already supplied by OVO, great! We can get your account set up right away on our home move page

We’ll need to know: 

  • The date you moved in.

  • The meter readings from when you moved in (if possible).

  • Your full name.

  • Your date of birth.

  • The full address and postcode of your new home.

  • Your phone number (either mobile or landline).

  • Your email address.

  • Your Direct Debit details

If your new home is supplied by another company but you’d like to join OVO, lucky us. Simply get a quote and switch online – it’ll take just a few minutes. We also recommend getting in touch with your home’s current supplier to register your details and give them meter readings. If you don't let your existing supplier know, they may block your request to switch to OVO.

If you don’t know who supplies your new home, you should:

Can I take my OVO account with me to my new home?

You can’t take your current OVO plan to your new home – even if you’re on a fixed plan. To rejoin OVO, just sign up for a new energy account for your new home as soon as you’re able. You can choose from any of our current energy plans.

Can OVO start supplying energy on the day I move into my new home?

If your new property is already supplied by OVO, we'll have you covered from day 1. Please get in touch to let us know you have moved in so that we can set you up with an account. If your new home is not supplied by OVO and you've begun switching to us, your current supply will continue uninterrupted. We’ll start supplying you around 5 days after your move in. Your welcome letter or email will let you know the exact date. Just occasionally, we may run into unexpected problems and have to change the start date. If so, we’ll let you know right away and keep you posted about any new dates. You can also track your switch in your online account.

Will there be energy in my new home even though OVO hasn’t started supplying it yet?

Yes. The previous owner/tenant’s energy company will still be supplying energy. So you'll get the final bill from the other supplier some time after you've onboarded with us. 

For a handy Moving Home Checklist, head over to our blogs page and get ticking! 

I’m going to pay by monthly Direct Debit for my OVO energy. How do I pay my current supplier until you take over my supply?

About 6 weeks after we’ve taken over your energy supply, the old supplier will send you a bill. It’s based on the final meter readings you’ve sent them. They’ll tell you how you can pay it. You’ll get your first OVO bill around 6 weeks after we start supplying your energy.

Read our guide on how to find out who supplies your energy in your new home.

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