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MPAS: What is a Meter Point Administration Service?


This guide is intended to provide general guidance only. It is not intended to give you advice on your personal financial circumstances. You should seek independent professional advice if you’re unsure about anything mentioned in this guide or what choices to make.

What does an MPAS do and how can you use it?

An MPAS (Meter Point Administration Service) is operated by each of the regional electricity distributors in the UK, often referred to as Distribution Network Operators (DNO). This service is designed to keep an up-to-date record about the supply of electricity to every location in the UK. The key information it can supply is the MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) and the current supplier.

The MPAN is a 21-digit number that uniquely identifies electricity supply points in the UK. This number is useful if you are looking to switch, because it confirms the location, tariff and structure of the supply you are on. It can be found on a recent bill, or you can request it from your local service. It looks like this:


How can I use an MPAS?

In most cases when a person wants to switch supplier, they don’t need to contact their local MPAS: the new energy company will retrieve the relevant MPAN from the central database of all the numbers.

However, occasionally not all the information is available or up to date. So if you don’t have a recent bill with your MPAN on it, then you will need to contact your local distributor to get it, or you can contact us for help. This is relatively simple: you just need to call the right phone number and supply your address. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy, as you’ll get your MPAN and current supplier.

What number should I call for my local MPAS?

The map below has a summary of who to call to get your current Meter Point Administration Number. Simply grab a pen and paper, work out which area you are in, and dial away.


who supplies my electricity

Here they are in a handy table format, which includes the region, a link to the distribution company and their phone number.



MPAS regions, distributors and phone numbers



Phone number

Meter point administration service in North of Scotland SSE Power Distribution 0800 048 3515
Meter point administration service in South of Scotland SP Energy Networks 0330 101 0300
Meter point administration service in North West England Electricity North West 0800 195 4141
Meter point administration service in North East England Northern Powergrid 0845 070 7172
Meter point administration service in Merseyside & North Wales SP Energy Networks 0330 101 0300
Meter point administration service in London, East & South East UK Power Networks 0845 601 4516
Meter point administration service in South England SSE Power Distribution 0845 026 2554
Meter point administration service in South Wales, Midlands & South West Western Power Distribution 0845 601 5972



MPAS History and ECOES

The system of Meter Point Administration Numbers used today was introduced in 1998, in order to help make competition in the energy market easier, and to simplify administration generally.

Because running a Meter Point Administration Service is such a particular task, most services are run on the same software (Meter Point Registration Software). In 2002, a service called MPAS online was developed as part of the Master Registration Agreement to help ensure the data held by different stakeholders was up to date.

In 2006, this system was adopted nationwide and renamed ECOES (Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service). Today it provides a centralised database for 32 million MPANs and is updated by all District Network Operators on a daily basis. The data held includes full supplier registration details, historical billing, meter operator history and meter type information.

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