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Who is my gas and electricity supplier?

A quick guide to finding your gas and electricity supplier

This guide is intended to provide general guidance only. It is not intended to give you advice on your personal financial circumstances. You should seek independent professional advice if you’re unsure about anything mentioned in this guide or what choices to make.

Occasionally when someone moves into a new home, is about to move, or just loses track of their paperwork, they need to find out who their gas or electricity supplier is. Luckily, this is a very simple problem to fix.

And this quick guide will show you how.

Who is my gas supplier?

For those of you wondering ‘who supplies my gas?' you can use the online form available here- Find My Supplier

Or you can call this specific helpline: 

Meter Number Helpline: 0870 608 1524

Simply dial the number, and provide your postcode and the first line of your address. Make sure you have a pen handy to write down your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) and your current provider.

The helpline costs 7p per minute, and is nationwide.


Who is my electricity supplier?

Finding out who supplies your electricity is slightly trickier, but not by much. The UK electricity network is split into regions, and each region has a local distribution company that keeps a record of who supplies electricity to every home in their area.

You can call up the local distribution company in your area and they’ll tell you who is currently supplying power to your property. You may need the meter point administration number (MPAN), which you can find on your electricity meter.



Here is a quick visual guide of who to call:


who supplies my electricity


UK electricity suppliers contact details



Phone number
North of Scotland
SSE Power Distribution
0800 048 3515
South of Scotland
SP Energy Networks
0330 101 0300
North West England
Electricity North West
0800 195 4141
North East England
Northern Powergrid
0845 070 7172
Merseyside & North Wales
SP Energy Networks
0330 101 0300
London, East & South East
UK Power Networks
0845 601 4516
South England
SSE Power Distribution
0845 026 2554
South Wales, Midlands & South West
Western Power Distribution
0845 601 5972


Make sure you have a pen and paper handy when you call your distributor, to jot down the supplier as well as your meter point administration number (MPAN).

What type of tariff am I on?

If you’ve just moved into a new property or haven’t looked at your current tariff for a while, it may be worth checking what type of tariff you have been placed on.

Typically when an account changes hands the new customer is rolled onto a ‘standard variable tariff’. Although this tariff is appropriate in some cases, it isn’t alway the cheapest. In fact a recent analysis by OVO showed that throughout Britain, the average variable tariff was around £100 more per year than the average fixed tariff.

For the most part, the average fixed tariff available in September 2015 was £100 more per month than the average variable tariff. Of course, these are just averages. If you are on an expensive variable tariff and switch to a competitive one like our Better Energy tariff, the savings may be even higher.

Will switching suppliers save me money?

Once you know which gas and electricity supplier and tariff you are on, you can assess if they’re good value or not. If you have been placed on a variable tariff and would like to see if you’ll save by switching to a fixed tariff, it only takes five minutes to get a quote. The two main things that will determine your potential to save are your current tariff and how much energy you use.

I’ve just rented a new place. Who is my gas and electricity supplier?

The procedure for working out your energy supplier is the same as explained above – regardless of whether you are a new tenant, or have been living somewhere for years. The telephone services listed above are accessible for all properties, however they should only be used if you are or are about to be the account payer for that property.

I’m a Landlord. Can I find out my tenant’s energy supplier?

Your tennats’ energy provider is usually a matter for them. If as part of the tenancy agreement, you are responsible for paying the energy bills however – then the choice of supplier is your decision. Any tie-in to a provider should be explained clearly in the rental contract, but even then, the person paying the bills should generally be in a position to switch if they so choose.

Do I have to pay exit fees if I switch?

Exits fees can be charged by energy companies if you want to end a fixed contract early. Energy companies cannot charge an exit fee in the last 42-49 days of a fixed deal. If you wish to change providers, check whether your current tariff includes any exits fees, just so you can be clear whether you’ll be charged upon switching.

Can OVO supply gas and electricity to my new address?

OVO provides gas and electricity to properties throughout Britain. The only two issues that might make switching to OVO an issue: if you have a debt owing for more than 28 days to your current provider, or if your meter is incompatible with the tariff you are looking for. For example, many homes with pay-as-you-go meters are not eligible for fixed deals. In this case, OVO still has an option: our PAYG+ plan with its time-saving app.

Wrapping it up

If for some reason you don’t know you current supplier it is easy to find out. For gas you just call the Meter Number Hepline at the top of this page, and for electricity you just need to call your local distributor. In each case make sure you have a pen to take down both your supplier and meter number.

*Source: Tariff prices sourced from uSwitch Insight Portal, accessed on 11/9/15 and averaged across all regions. Ovo Better Energy includes online discount and is for direct debit customers. Average Big Six SVT price is for direct debit customers but excludes paperless or online discounts. Estimated consumption of each house type based on Ofgem typical domestic consumption values 2015, low, medium and high users. (Profile Class 1 for electricity).

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