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How can I top up my Pay As You Go smart meter?

You can add credit to your meter in 3 simple ways. Top up anything between £1 and £200 at a time.

Helpful to know: you’ll need to add credit to your electricity and gas meters separately (if you have both).

  • OVO Energy Top-up app Download the OVO Energy Top-up app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to add credit anytime, anywhere. You’ll need to use your top-up card numbers – this is the 20-digit number on your gas or electricity Pay As You Go top-up card that we sent you. The app also lets you track all your top-ups and save bank cards to make the process easier

  • In store 

    Go to any PayPoint or Payzone shop, or Post Office with your top-up card(s), or the barcode(s) in your OVO Energy Top-up app.

    - Find your nearest PayPoint shop

    - Find your nearest Payzone shop

    - Find your nearest Post Office

  • Top up online Make payments online here

When you buy credit, it’ll usually reach your meter within 40 minutes. If the signal in your home is ever too low to pick up your credit, you can add it yourself. You’ll need to use the 20 digit “VEND” code on your payment receipts.

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If you have a gas leak, power cut , or Pay As You Go emergency, get emergency help.