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Smart meter In-Home Display not working? Here’s what you need to do

Find out how to solve all your smart meter In-Home Display issues with this easy-to-follow troubleshooting guide.


When you had your smart meter installed, your engineer also introduced you to your handy In-Home Display (IHD). This neat little device keeps you up to date with near-real-time info about all your home energy use. It’s the most effective way to track energy and reduce bills. But, as with all technology, things can occasionally go wrong. 

So that’s probably why you’re here now, trying to figure out what’s up with that little screen, and what you can do about it. Here are a few answers to the most common queries – such as, why is my IHD not connecting to my smart meter? They should help you get back on track. If not, then reach out to our Support Team who will be able to help. 

What type of In-Home Display do I have?

Smart meters all come with an In-Home Display to help you keep track of your energy use. If we recently installed a SMETS2 smart meter, you’ll either have an IHD3 or an IHD6. They look similar, but have slight differences. 

The IHD3 has buttons just below the screen, and looks like this when switched on:

smart meter in home display

The IHD6 has a touch screen, is Wifi-enabled, and looks like this when switched on: 

in home display ihd6

Some of the information below only refers to one or other of the IHDs. Make sure you’re reading the right bit!

How to get started with your smart meter In-Home Display 

After you had your smart meter installed, your engineer should have given you a quick intro on how to use the In-Home Display. If not, take a look at our quick and easy practical guide, which will give you the inside scoop! If your query still isn’t answered, hopefully the information here will help.

How do I switch on my In-Home Display (IHD)?

If you’re getting a smart meter installed, your engineer will show you how to use the IHD. But if you get a new IHD that isn't already switched on (perhaps if you’ve ordered a new one in the post), the screen will be blank. We’ll then need to link the IHD with its smart meter. Get in touch with our Support team and they’ll arrange that for you. 

Once they’re linked, plug in the IHD and let it charge for a moment. Press the black on/off switch on the left of the screen. The IHD main menu screen will light up. There you’ll see the IHD icons, as shown in the diagrams above.

If you have the IHD3 (the one without a touchscreen), it has a handy 3-minute tutorial. To access it, press the Home button and then the right arrow button 5 times. It will guide you through the main features, using example energy data.  

If you have the IHD6 (with touchscreen), it also contains a useful tutorial. To access it, press the Menu button, then the right arrow, and then the tutorial option.

How to connect my In-Home Display to Wifi

in home display guide

The IHD6 can connect to Wifi (though the IHD3 doesn’t have this function). Because it’s Wifi-enabled, your IHD6 won’t link directly to your OVO account – but it does have these benefits:

  • If the IHD has issues, we can understand the problem straight away

  • Real-time meter readings can be collected

  • It makes updating software on your IHD easier

Here’s how to connect your IHD6 to Wifi:

  1. Tap the menu button in the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. From the menu screen, tap the right arrow to go to the next page
  3. Tap ‘Settings’
  4. Tap the 'Wifi' icon
  5. Tap the button to turn the Wifi on
  6. Once the Wifi is on, tap 'Scan' to show the available networks, or press WPS Push if the router you’re trying to join supports this function
    1. If choosing WPS Push – press the WPS button on the router when the WPS symbol is displayed
    2. If choosing Scan – once you’ve selected the network you wish to join, enter the password and press ‘Join’
  7. The device will now connect to the Wifi
  8. If the password is correct, the device will show a Connected status

Will my device work without a Wifi connection?

Both the IHD3 and IHD6 can work without a Wifi connection (although the IHD6 is Wifi-enabled – see above to learn how to pair it). That’s because they’re synced to your smart meter by a Home Area Network (HAN).

You’ll need a good signal between your IHD and your smart meter. Check those 4 bars at the top left of the screen. The more bars, the stronger the signal. If they’re looking low, move your IHD closer to the meter. And keep it plugged in, so the battery doesn’t run down. This way, you can always see the most up-to-the-minute information on your energy use.

My smart meter In-Home Display (IHD) is not connecting to the smart meter, what should I do?

in home display

If your In-Home display stops working, don’t worry. This doesn’t affect your smart meter or your energy supply, and you won’t be cut off. 

If the IHD display has gone blank, it could just be that it’s run out of battery. Plug it in and let it charge for a few moments. Then press the black on/off button on the side. 

If the IHD display is on, but not showing any data, it could be because of one of these reasons:

  • It’s too far from your smart meter.  In which case, bring it within 15 metres of the smart meter (with no walls between). Switch it off for a minute or two, then switch it back on again. 

  • The IHD can’t connect properly to the network in your home. It might be showing:

    • Information for only one fuel, even though you have a smart meter for both gas and electricity

    • A ‘connection is lost’ message

    • A ‘waiting for data’ message

    • No information at all

First, try bringing your IHD closer to the meter. If it still doesn’t connect properly, don’t worry, these issues usually sort themselves out within a day or two. If they don’t, try our forum troubleshooting guide or reach out to our Support team

  • Signal issues. Unfortunately, smart meters don’t work with IHDs in every home. Your engineer will try their best to get it all set up for you, but if your smart meter is in ‘dumb mode’, it can’t connect to the IHD. 

If none of the above apply to your IHD, you may need another visit from an engineer. While you wait, your IHD will be blank – but, remember, your home is still connected to the energy supply and your smart meter is still working. Get in touch with our Support team to book an engineer. 

My smart meter In-Home Display (IHD) has gone off. What should I do?

When you receive your IHD, it’s only partially charged. So if the screen goes off, plug it in and charge it fully. Then press the black on/off switch on the side. Once fully charged, the battery lasts around 4 hours unplugged. We recommend you keep it plugged in, ideally in a convenient place, where you can see it.

For best connection, keep your IHD within 15 metres of the smart meter. If charging it doesn’t help, try our Support Team for assistance.

Why is the In-Home Display screen in Welsh?

Occasionally, IHDs have been known to default back to Welsh. If you don’t fancy learning a new language right now, follow these steps to get back to English:

  1. Tap the”OK” button at the bottom of the IHD screen
  2. Tap the right arrow until you see “Gosodiadau Wedi anfon yr” and tap OK
  3. Tap the right arrow 8 times until you reach the option “Dewis iaith Wedi anfon yr” (if this doesn't work, you may need to try the next option: “Clirio Gosodidau Wedi anfon yr") and tap “OK”
  4. Tap the left arrow to select English, then tap "OK"

Why is the In-Home Display asking for a PIN? Where can I find it?

If you have an older SMETS1 smart meter, it might ask you for a PIN number. The PIN allows you to unpair your IHD from your HAN network. There’s no reason for you to do this, unless we ask you to while troubleshooting. If you’re on this screen by mistake, tap the Cancel button to exit.

Why is the info on my In-Home Display different to my billing?

Your IHD shows your home energy consumption in kWh (kilowatt hours – the unit used to measure your energy usage) and pounds and pence (with VAT included). But we don’t only use the information from your IHD to calculate your bill. What you see on your bill also depends on other things like discounts or add-ons we’ve arranged with you. If you have any queries about your bill, please contact our Support Team, who will be happy to help. 

Other commonly asked In-Home Display questions

in home display not working

It might be handy for you to see what other members are asking. So here are a few of the most popular questions we’ve collected. You can also check the OVO Forum, where you can get answers to your questions at any time, day or night. 

Can I take my IHD to my new home when I move? 

Your IHD is only paired to the smart meter in your current home, so it won’t work anywhere else. Please leave the In-Home Display behind when you move. If you’d like OVO to install a smart meter at your new address, let us know when you’re moving. Once you’ve switched, we can arrange your installation.

Where should I keep my In-Home Display?

  • Your IHD3 In-Home Display needs to be able to pick up clear signals from your smart meter. So you need to place it within 15 metres of the meter. 

  • Your IHD6 In-Home-Display needs to be able to pick up signals from both your smart meter and Wifi router. So again, keep it within range of both devices – usually around 15 metres. 

  • Whichever type you have, position it somewhere you can easily see it, like the kitchen windowsill or a bookshelf. Thick walls can interrupt the signal, so keeping it in the same room as the meter is best.

Do I have to keep my IHD plugged into the mains, or can it run solely on batteries?

The battery of your IHD lasts for around 4 hours. After that, you’ll need to plug it back in. It’s best to just keep it plugged in whenever possible. That way, you can avoid any issues caused by a low or empty battery.

What should I do if my IHD breaks?

If your IHD is no longer showing any figures or messages on screen, or is not moving properly from one screen to the next, check out the queries above. If none of these work, then please get in touch with our Support team. They’ll let you know what needs to be done. 

If your IHD has been physically broken by being dropped or knocked – for example, it has a smashed screen – then please contact the Support team. We can send you a replacement, but we may need to charge you a small fee. 

How do I request a new IHD?

If your IHD is faulty, we’ll replace it for free. Get in touch and we’ll ask you to return your broken IHD, so we can send you a new one. If you’ve damaged it, a new one will cost £33 plus the postage fee. Our Support team will be able to help you. 

An award-winning smart meter experience 

We’re proud to say that you couldn’t be in better hands when you book a smart meter installation with OVO. But don’t just take our word for it! In the 2020 Uswitch Energy Awards, we won Best Energy Supplier in 5 categories. One of those categories was Best Smart Meter Experience. So with an OVO smart meter, you don’t only get the latest tech, but the best installation experience around. 

As an OVO member, you can also give yourself a pat on the back. That’s because  you’re some of the most highly motivated carbon-crunchers in the land. Demand for our new generation SMETS2 has been incredibly high – and this is partly because our members are so keen to find new ways to reduce their carbon footprint. So well done you! 

A large majority of our smart meter installations run smoothly – but, like with most tech, there can be teething troubles. In most cases, our Support team has the knowledge and expertise to help our members remotely. And our Field Force engineers are also working around the clock (in their super-efficient electric vehicles!) to get to each of our members as quickly as possible, if needed. 

We know how frustrating it can be waiting for issues to be resolved. But you can rest assured that we’re continually updating and developing products and services to help our members every day. After all, it’s in everyone’s interests to keep your smart meters and IHDs running smoothly. 

Find out more

There’s more help on hand for this topic on the OVO Forum. And if you don't find the answers you need there, feel free to get in touch with our Support team, who’ll be happy to help.