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OVO Forum

It’s our online community. A place where you can ask questions and get answers whenever you need them.

You can post queries, start discussions, raise topics that interest you and get other people’s honest opinions. Hear about what OVO are doing at the moment, and learn about even more ways you could save money with us. 

Join the conversation

Get help, 24/7 

Say you’ve got a question or need assistance with something, but it’s midnight on a Tuesday and all our customer service advisors are tucked up in bed. Well, the OVO Forum is the place you’ll find your answers. Because if there’s an energy-related issue you’ve got a query about, chances are it’s already come up before with someone else. 

Ask for real, honest advice 

We hope you trust us to give you our best advice at all times, but we also understand that sometimes nothing beats real people giving you their honest opinion. And that’s what the OVO Forum is all about: everyone sharing their thoughts and expertise on any energy topic. 

Hear about new ideas 

The people in our community are a clever bunch. They’re always coming up with new ways to save money and energy – and the OVO Forum is where they share their great ideas. We frequently have a few of our own too, so you can also find out about any innovative new services that OVO is offering there as well. And hey, maybe you’ve got brainwaves of your own you’d like to contribute. All thoughts are welcome. 

Head to the OVO Forum

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