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How to set up or change your Direct Debit

Here’s everything you need to know.

How to set up a Direct Debit

We usually do this for you when you join. We’ll estimate how much energy you’ll use in a year, and how much it costs. We spread this over 12 months so it’s nice and manageable for you.

It takes two to make a perfect bill, so it’s really important you send us meter readings every month. Or, get a smart meter to do it for you. This way we can make sure you’re paying the right amount.

You can also set up a Direct Debit at a later date, right in your account. Just log into your account and:

  1. Go to Home
  2. Select Set up your Direct Debit
  3. Hit Let's go
  4. Enter all your details
  5. Hit Next
  6. Hit Confirm payments
How to change your Direct Debit amount

Of course, your energy use can change over time, so you might want to adjust your payments too. Which is why we made things easy for you:

You can increase them
Whenever you like, in your account.

Or, reduce them
We run Direct Debit check-ins every 6 months to make sure your payments are spot on. If your readings show your new Direct Debit won’t cover the costs of your energy till your plan ends, we’ll ask you to adjust it. It’s to protect you from building up a negative balance.


Here’s a tip!
Before doing anything, why not use our Direct Debit calculator (in your online account) to see how changing your payments can affect your balance over time?


How to change your Direct Debit date

It’s easy. Log into your account, go to ‘Payments’ and click ‘Direct Debit date’ to choose a new one.

Just remember, we’ll need 6 days of notice so we can check the change with your bank. If your new date falls within the next 6 working days, we’ll take the current month’s payment on your old date. Then update it from next month.


How to change your Direct Debit bank details

For now, you need to call on 0330 303 5063 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm), and we’ll update them for you. Soon, you’ll be able to do that in your app too.


What happens if you cancel your Direct Debit

If, for any reason, you cancel your Direct Debit through your bank account, we’ll get in touch to ask you to set it up again. Or, you can simply pick another payment method.


If you’re on our variable plan and you don’t have a Direct Debit
You’ll pay for your energy after you get your bill. This is called paying On Demand. This costs you slightly more simply because it’s cheaper for us to manage your account when you pay by Direct Debit. But remember, it’s easy to set this up anytime – just scroll up to see how.


If you've received the Warm Home Discount with us, you’ll continue to get our lowest prices on Simpler Energy, no matter how you pay.

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