Refund policy

You might build up more credit in your account in some months than in others. This is because we ask you to pay for your energy in advance by Direct Debit, and you won’t always use the same amount.

However, you can always ask for a refund, so long as you meet the conditions outlined further down this page. But it can often be better to keep your balance in credit.

3 reasons to keep credit in your account:

  • You’re saving for winter – building up extra credit in summer can mean no big bills when you use more energy in wintertime.
  • If you get a refund and then your account goes into debt (or looks like it could), we may need to increase your Direct Debit.

When can you get a refund?

Before you get started, here are a couple of things to check:

  • Your account must be more than 90 days old and have an active Direct Debit.
  • You can’t have any other refunds requests already pending.
  • The minimum refund amount is £25, so you must have enough money in your account to cover one Direct Debit payment, plus a surplus of £25 or more to request a refund.

If that’s all okay, there are a few things relating to your meter readings and statements that also need to happen before you can request a refund:

  • You must have submitted a meter reading (for all fuels on the account) in the last 28 days.
  • You’ll also need to have received a statement since that meter reading was taken, with the reading included on it.

Lastly, if you’ve got a traditional meter and you’re requesting a refund that totals more than £599 over the last 3 months:

  • You’ll need to take photos which clearly show the meter reading and meter serial number, then send them to us at [email protected].

Once you’ve confirmed that your refund request meets all the conditions above, you’ll be able to apply for a refund through the Payments section on your online account or in some cases by calling us on 0330 303 5063 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm).

How and when you’ll get your refund:

  • You’ll usually get your refund within 5 working days if paid via BACS, and 7-10 working days if sent via cheque.
  • We’ll pay it into the bank account you use for your Direct Debit. You’ll need to call us to amend your Direct Debit before a refund can be paid into a different account.
  • If there are any problems, we’ll be in touch.

If you’re switching to a different energy company:

  • You don’t need to do anything.
  • As soon as we’ve had your final meter readings from your new supplier, and we’ve sent you a final statement, we’ll start the refund process, where applicable.
  • If your account is in credit then your refund will be with you within around 10 working days.
  • It will be returned to the bank account you used to make Direct Debit payments.

If you’re moving to a new home:

  • Give us your closing readings, and the details of whoever’s taking over.
  • Let us know your new details, in case we need to get in touch.
  • If your account is in credit, we’ll get a refund to you within 10 working days of your final bill.
  • It will be returned to the bank account you used to make Direct Debit payments .

For more information on refunds, visit our Help section.