What does OVO promise its customers?

At OVO, we’re committed to achieving certain guaranteed and overall standards of performance, which are listed and explained here.

What you can expect from us 

At OVO we pride ourselves on our customer service. We’re the first and only energy company to become a Which? recommended provider, and 2016 saw us maintain this status. Plus we topped the Which? customer satisfaction survey with a score of 82%1, while more than 90% of our customers would recommend us to a friend2

However, we sometimes make mistakes and when that happens we hold our hands up and say sorry. 

There are a number of standards that we, and the rest of the energy industry, are legally required to follow. They are called guaranteed performance standards. As part of our commitment to you, we will always strive to go above and beyond these standards, but if there is an occasion where we haven’t met them we think it’s only right to give you some compensation for your time. These are the commitments we’ve made to you as our customer, with details of when we would offer you compensation. 

We’ll turn up when we say we will 

You can book an appointment in the morning or the afternoon. If we miss that appointment, we’ll pay compensation. This will be £30 for a missed visit related to your gas meter, electricity meter or both. 

We’ll fix your prepayment (Pay as you go) meter quickly if it’s broken 

If your gas prepayment meter stops working because it’s broken, one of our engineers will come and take a look at it within 3-4 hours of you telling us. We’ll fix it if we can – if not we’ll let you know what will happen next, and give you a timeframe if possible.

If your electricity meter breaks and your supply stops, we’ll be there within 3 hours on a working day and 4 hours on a non-working day. If we don’t meet this target, we’ll give you £30. 

We’ll move your meter to a more convenient place if you need us to 

lf you need us to move your meter to a more convenient place, we’ll visit within 15 days. If we don’t, we’ll give you £30. 

If your meter isn’t measuring your gas or electricity use accurately we’ll fix it 

If your meter isn’t measuring your energy use correctly, we‘ll come and fix it within seven days (or write and tell you why a visit isn’t needed within five days). If we don’t meet this standard, we’ll give you £30. 

And finally, if we owe you compensation and haven’t paid within 10 working days, we’ll pay you the original compensation amount plus £30. 



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