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Home batteries uncovered

Why the forward-thinkers are powering their homes with a battery.

Home batteries might be receiving a lot of hype right now, but if you ask us, it’s all justified.  

If you generate green electricity through solar panels or a wind turbine, a battery can power your home – and store what you don’t use for later.

Oh, and power cuts? No sweat. You have your own backup power.

That’s not all.

Normally when the UK needs more energy (when we’re all watching our TVs during the Wimbledon final, for example), the country fires up dirty fossil fuel power stations to generate more electricity. A more environmentally-friendly alternative is for lots of batteries to discharge green energy at the same time, whenever the country needs it.

You see? When it comes to home batteries, the pluses outweigh the minuses.

When it comes to batteries, we’ve just got started

Frequently Asked Questions

The battery works by charging when the demand on the grid is low, storing the energy, and then using when the grid demand is high - this helps balance the grid and increases the overall use of renewables.

One of the energy industry’s challenges is managing changes in household energy demand and ensuring there is enough electricity being generated across the country to match that demand. For example, millions of people watching a football match at the same time can cause big spikes in energy demand. Enough energy needs to be generated at this time to keep everyone's TV on.

Now that the UK’s renewable energy generation is growing, there are new challenges, in matching electricity supply with our continued national demand. Wind and solar power by their very nature can suddenly generate less electricity if the wind drops or the sun sets. Cleverly, your battery has a solution. It will store energy at times when it is abundant, and provide energy back to the grid at times of peak national demand, helping the grid to remain ‘balanced’, keeping your TV on while the UK continues to increase renewable energy generation.

Batteries are completely safe, and have gone through all the relevant testing and safety checks required in the UK.

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