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Electric vehicles and EV Everywhere

From who can sign up, to how the free add-ons work, and what to do if you move.

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What happens if I'm already a POLAR plus member and then sign up to EV Everywhere?

Your POLAR plus membership becomes free for 2 years when you sign up to EV Everywhere - so there's nothing you need to do regarding this. Over the next few weeks after you've signed up, you'll receive information regarding your energy switch to OVO and will be asked to provide an opening meter reading.

Existing OVO customers and EV Everywhere

Can I choose EV Everywhere if I’m already an OVO customer?

Yes, in the near future we’ll be able to upgrade current OVO customers to EV Everywhere. We just need to make some behind-the-scenes changes first. As soon as it’s all sorted, we’ll be in touch to let everyone know.

Will my OVO statement look different?

You will, but it’s nothing major. We’ll just add two new lines; one for your free Green Energy add-on and one for your free POLAR plus membership add-on.

How do I cancel EV Everywhere?

If you want to cancel EV Everywhere and switch to another OVO plan, just give us a call on 0330 303 5063. Or, if you’d like to switch away from us completely, you need to sign up to another supplier online or over the phone. You can find out more about switching away, here. It’s worth noting that unless you’re moving home, you may have to pay exit fees of £30 per fuel to leave us.

All about your free Green Energy

What happens to my free Green Electricity when my 2 Year Fixed Energy plan ends?

At the end of your 2 Year Fixed Energy plan, you’ll have the choice to renew your electric vehicle bundle, or choose one of our other energy plans. If the plan you choose includes Green Electricity for free, then you’ll continue to enjoy free Green Electricity. If, for whatever reason, you don’t actively choose a new plan, we’ll automatically place you onto our standard variable plan (in accordance with our terms and conditions). This is a standard industry practice to make sure your home still receives energy. If this happens, we’ll start to charge you for Green Energy – although you can opt out or switch plans at any time.

All about your free POLAR plus membership add-on

When does my POLAR plus membership start?

Once you’ve signed up to EV Everywhere, you’ll receive an email inviting you to complete your POLAR plus membership application. It’s a really simple process. After you’ve done this, you’ll receive another email confirming that your membership is active. The POLAR plus team will then send you a smart card or key fob which you can use to access their charge points. At this point, your membership starts, and you’re all set to start charging.

What should I do if a POLAR plus charge point isn’t working?

We give all our EV Everywhere customers free membership to POLAR plus – the UK’s largest charging network – but we don’t service the POLAR plus charging points ourselves. If you’ve got an issue with any of them, call the POLAR plus team directly on 0330 016 5126 or email them at [email protected]

What happens to my POLAR plus membership when my two year fixed energy plan ends?

At the end of your 2 Year Fixed Energy plan, you’ll have the choice to renew your electric vehicle bundle, or choose one of our other energy plans. If your new plan/bundle includes a free POLAR plus membership add-on, then you’ll continue to enjoy POLAR plus membership for free. If it’s not available as a free add-on or you choose not to renew, you’ll be charged £7.85 a month on an ongoing basis. You can cancel this at any time by contacting POLAR network.

Who should I contact if I have a query about energy I’ve been billed for when charging at a POLAR network chargepoint?

Just call the POLAR plus team directly on 0330 016 5126 or email them at [email protected]

What happens if I stop using my POLAR plus card?

It’s important that you use your car to charge at a charge point at least once every six months. Otherwise your membership will be downgraded and you’ll become a POLAR Instant customer.

How do I find out how much energy I’ve consumed charging my car on the POLAR network?

It’s easy. You can see all this information if you just log in to your POLAR plus account.

Where can I find POLAR network charge points?

By searching the POLAR network live map. You can search by postcode and/or the type of charge you need, and it’ll show you which charge points are free and which incur a fee.


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