OVO Faster Switching Policy

On 18 July 2022 Ofgem introduced its faster and more reliable Switching Programme which will reduce the time it takes to switch energy suppliers and make switching more reliable.

When we will switch you

Unless we have agreed a different date with you, we will usually start supplying gas or electricity within 5 working days from your contract start date. Your contract start date will vary depending on the method that you used to join us. See section 3.1 of our Core Supply Terms for more details on the different methods used and the contract start date that applies. We'll tell you when your supply will start.

When switching might take longer

There may be some scenarios where we’ll take longer than the 5 working days, or the time we agreed with you, to start supplying gas or electricity. For example, if any of the following apply:

  • you switch after 5pm on any working day, if that is the case your 5 working day switching period will begin on the next working day;
  • your existing supplier objects or otherwise stops us from taking over the supply (for example, if your existing supplier won’t let you switch because you owe them money);
  • you don’t pay us a security deposit when we ask you to;
  • we don’t have all the information we need to take over the supply, even though we’ve done everything we reasonably can to contact you;
  • information we have from you is incorrect and we can’t easily find the information anywhere else, despite doing everything we reasonably can to get hold of it;
  • you’re connected to a private gas or electricity network and it isn’t connected to the right distribution network, or you don’t have a metering arrangement that’ll allow us to supply you;
  • we’re prevented from completing the transfer due to any other reason which is beyond our control, even though we’ve done everything we reasonably can.

Faster Switching and your cooling off period

You have 14 days from the day after your contract start date to change your mind about joining us (your “cooling off period”). Faster switching means that you now have the option to choose to start being supplied by us before the end of your cooling off period. 

Making payments during your cooling off period

If you have chosen to start being supplied by us during your cooling-off period, then you will be responsible for all costs associated with the energy you use and any other services provided to you during your cooling off period and you will be asked to pay for any energy you use during this time. 

Leaving us during your cooling off period

You will still be able to leave us during your cooling-off period without paying an early exit fee, but you will have to pay for the energy you have used and for any other services provided up until you arrange for a new supplier to take over and that supplier has started to supply the property.

You will have 15 working days from the date you let us know that you want to leave us (or switch to a different tariff with us) to either choose a new tariff with OVO, switch back to your existing supplier or switch to a new supplier. 

If you haven’t initiated a switch to another supplier by then you will stay with OVO on the same tariff you have switched to us on. You can still switch away at any time after the 15 working days but you (or your new supplier) would have to let us know again that you wanted to switch away and you may have to pay exit fees as you would be outside your 14 day cooling off period.