What you need to know about our variable plan price change

To help you understand what’s changing and why, we’ve put together a list of the most common questions you might have.


The energy price cap is set by Ofgem, the energy regulator, to make sure customers pay a fairer price for their energy.

The energy price cap is reviewed by Ofgem, the energy regulator, every 6 months – in April and October. They do this to make sure customers pay a fair price for their energy. So these new prices will stay the same from 1 October to 31 March 2022.

We make sure you always pay a fair price for your energy – and we’ll always let you know in advance if they change again.

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If you’d like extra advice or free, independent support, these organisations can help too:

  • Citizens Advice – for advice and info on debt, visit their website or call their helpline on 0808 223 1133
  • The Centre for Sustainable Energy – for advice on saving energy, call them on 0800 408 6601, or email [email protected]

Head to our Help Centre and search ‘saving energy’ for guides, tips, and organisations that can help you save money on energy.

We’d be sad to see you go, but if you decide to switch away, you’ll stay on your current rates if your new supplier tells us within 20 working days of 1 October that they’re taking over your power.

Remember to pay off any negative balance you might have in your energy account before you leave us, to make sure your switch goes smoothly. We’ll let you know if there’s anything left to pay.

If everything’s paid off within 30 days, your switch can still go ahead and the new price.

Unfortunately, energy costs more right now. This is because of an increase in wholesale energy prices and the cost of supplying energy to members. Because of this, we’re changing our energy prices.

This change is in line with the government’s price cap. The cap is reviewed every 6 months to account for the costs suppliers face, while making sure prices are fair.

The new prices will start from 1 October.

You can choose one of our fixed-rate plans, where prices stay the same until the end of your contract. Check your online account to see how you could save money by moving to one of these plans.

No, it only applies to members on our variable plan, Simpler Energy.

This handy guide walks you through all the steps.

Mirgrated SSE Member FAQs

All members on our variable plans across OVO and SSE have prices that can go up or down depending on the cost of energy. This change is in line with the government’s price cap. The cap is reviewed every 6 months to account for the costs suppliers face, while making sure prices are fair. The prices on our variable plans are the same across the OVO family (including SSE).

Yes, the Ofgem Energy Price Cap applies to all energy suppliers, including SSE and OVO. This helps make things fair for everyone, by setting an upper limit on prices for variable plans (where your prices may go up or down). Ofgem reviews the Energy Price Cap every six months, checking for changes in the cost of generating and distributing energy. They raise or lower the Energy Price Cap in October and April to make sure any changes to these wholesale energy costs are passed on to energy users in a fair way.

Whether you’re with SSE or OVO you’ll have the same protection from the Energy Price Cap.

If you want to set up a Direct Debit, feel free to give us a call on 0345 0260 712 – our team is always happy to help. If you already have access to your OVO account, you can do this via your online account. This handy guide shows you how.