1 Year Fixed Loyalty

Terms and Conditions

T&Cs for the 1 Year Fixed Loyalty plan.


These terms and conditions (Terms) apply if you’ve chosen, and we’ve agreed to supply you, on our 1 Year Fixed Loyalty plan. These Terms are in addition to, and do not replace, our Core Energy Supply Terms and Conditions (Core Terms). In the event of any conflict between these Terms and the Core Terms, these Terms will take precedence. Any terms defined in the Core Terms will have the same meaning when used in these Terms.

1. What is OVO 1 Year Fixed Loyalty?

The 1 Year Fixed Loyalty plan is available for existing OVO Energy customers only.

You’ll pay a fixed rate per unit and a fixed standing charge for each fuel that we supply. The fixed unit rate and the fixed standing charge will apply to the energy that you use for your 1 Year Fixed Loyalty period.

2. Eligibility

2.1 In order to be eligible to take up, and remain on, our 1 Year Fixed Loyalty plan you must be an existing OVO Energy customer and you must meet and continue to meet each of the following criteria:

a) Be a dual fuel or electricity only customer
You’ll need to either have (or switch to having) both your electricity and gas or just your electricity supplied by us. If we only supply your gas or you are switching to us for just gas, then you’re not eligible for this tariff.

b) Have a standard meter, smart meter or Economy 7 meter
If you have any other meter type, you’ll not be eligible for this energy plan. This plan is not available to customers with Pay As You Go meters.

c) Pay by monthly Direct Debit
You must pay your bills by Direct Debit. See Section 4 (Paying Us) for more details.

2.2 If at any time you don’t meet any of the above eligibility criteria, we may end this agreement for the 1 Year Fixed Loyalty plan and transfer you to the cheapest variable energy plan available for your meter type and payment method. In that case, you might pay higher unit rates and standing charges on a variable energy plan, and these could change at any time.

3. Energy Charges

3.1 Your energy prices will be fixed for a period of 12 months commencing on your Plan Start Date. This means that you’ll pay a fixed rate per unit and a fixed standing charge for each fuel that we supply. Note that a fixed rate energy plan doesn’t mean you’ll pay a fixed amount per month. Your actual monthly charges will still change depending on how much energy you use.

3.2 Your Plan Start Date will be the date your electricity and/or gas supply(ies) transfers to the 1 Year Fixed Loyalty plan from your existing OVO energy tariff. You will be notified of this date in your Welcome Letter.

3.3 Where both your electricity and gas supplies are being transferred, the Plan Start Date will be the earlier of the two transfer dates. This may mean you’ll not receive the full 12 months fixed term on the later transferred fuel.

3.4 You’ll pay a single per unit rate and a single standing charge for the energy you use (or two unit rates for metered Economy 7 electricity). These will be based on our prices for your area, meter type, and payment method (and may change if you change area, meter type, or payment method).

3.5 Your unit rate and standing charge under this plan will be fixed unless we’re prevented from doing so by the actions or requirements of any governmental, statutory, or licensing authority.

4. Paying Us

4.1 You must pay via Direct Debit in accordance with the Direct Debit rules in Section 7.11 of our Core Terms including that:

a) A Direct Debit of at least the recommended amount (or more) is successfully taken on the due date set out in your Direct Debit instruction.

b) You’ll keep your energy account in credit.

4.2 If you don’t comply with the Direct Debit rules and we transfer you to a different energy plan in accordance with our Core Terms, you may not be able to switch back to the 1 Year Fixed Loyalty plan at any point in the future.

5. Plan Term

5.1 Your 1 Year Fixed Loyalty plan will end:

a) 12 months after your Plan Start Date (your Fixed End Date), or

b) Immediately when you move home, change to another OVO energy plan or change supplier.

5.2 If within 20 working days of your Fixed End Date you:

  • Decide to leave us and your new supplier notifies us that you’re switching and that switch takes place within a reasonable period; or
  • You enter into a new energy plan with us,

We'll keep your charges the same until you switch to your new supplier or start your new energy plan. Before your plan ends we’ll provide you with reasonable notice in an appropriate form explaining your switching options (reasonable notice being enough time to select a new plan or switch away if you decide to leave us).

6. Early Exit Fee

6.1 If you change your supplier or plan for electricity or gas, or both, before the Fixed End Date, we may apply a termination fee of £75 in respect of each fuel (Early Exit Fee). See clause 10.4 of the Core Terms for more information on when this Early Exit Fee may be charged.

6.2 You agree to pay any such Early Exit Fee and agree to us taking this fee by Direct Debit.

7. Smart Meters

By signing up to our 1 Year Fixed Loyalty plan you’re agreeing to be contacted to arrange a suitable installation date for a smart meter(s) to be installed in your property, if you don’t already have one.

8. Other things you should know

8.1 Changes to these terms and conditions – we may change these terms and conditions at any time in line with our Core Terms.

8.2 This plan is subject to availability. Admission onto the plan is at our absolute discretion even if you meet the eligibility criteria.

8.3 We reserve the right to amend or withdraw the 1 Year Fixed Loyalty plan at any time.

Last Updated: June 2024.