OVO’s Direct Debit Reduction Terms & Conditions

What is Direct Debit reduction and how does it work?

We are aware that it is a really difficult time for our customers and that customers may want more control over their payments. 

With that in mind, we are currently offering customers the ability to reduce their monthly Direct Debit payments by up to 10% below the recommended amount (as suggested in your online account or OVO Energy app) for up to 3 months. You can do this easily via your online account or via the App or by giving us a call.

Your recommended payment amount is based on your energy usage. So that you don’t build up debt by reducing your Direct Debit to below the recommended amount, we recommend that you also try and reduce your energy usage where possible. Our helpful energy tracker tool has tips for reducing your energy usage that you may find useful. We have limited the use of the scheme to 3 months so that members are less likely to build up debt.

You can increase your Direct Debit back up to the recommended amount at any time, you don’t have to wait until the 3 months has come to an end.

Important things you need to know about reducing your Direct Debit

The following conditions will apply if you would like to reduce your Direct Debit payments. Please make sure you read these carefully before you decide to reduce your Direct Debit payments:

  • This is a temporary arrangement only and it does not constitute a variation to the OVO Core Terms and your contract with OVO for the supply of your energy. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend this arrangement at any time without notice to you. 
  • If we agree to let you pay less than the amount that’s due to us for this period of time, this does not mean that we accept your payment in full and final settlement of the amount you owe under your contract. You are still responsible for paying all monies owed for your energy under the terms of your contract with us. This means that if you reduce your Direct Debit to under your recommended amount you will still be responsible for paying any underpayments to us in future payments you make;
  • If your account goes into Debit as a result of you having reduced your Direct Debit payments, your Direct Debit may be automatically increased (as per our Core Terms) in order to bring your account back in credit;
  • There may be circumstances where you are unable to reduce your Direct Debit for example if you are on a payment plan or your account is already in debt;
  • You can only use the scheme once, you won’t be able to apply to reduce your Direct Debit to below the recommended amount again once the 3 months has passed even if you didn’t reduce your Direct Debit for the full 3 months.