Terms for smart incentive offer from OVO

Offer details valid from 6th January 2020


Promoter: OVO Energy Limited, incorporated in England and Wales under company number 06890795 and whose registered office is at OVO Energy, 1 Rivergate, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6ED (OVO Energy). 

Who’s eligible? This offer is only open to you if: 

(a) you're an OVO Energy member;

(b) you take your energy  supply through a traditional ‘non-smart’ meter;

(c) you book a smart meter installation in the period between 6th January and 29th February 2020 (inclusive); and

(d) you have an electricity and/or gas smart meter fitted by 30th April 2020.


Am I eligible for a smart meter?  Not all OVO members will be able to have smart meters. We may not be able to install smart meters in your home for practical or technical reasons. This might be because we’re not currently installing smart meters in your area or because your property isn’t suitable (for example, meters won’t be installed if there’s anything blocking access to them. But sometimes we won’t know this until an engineer has been to your home. If we can’t install a smart meter in your home, we’ll let you know.


What if OVO can’t install a smart meter? If we’re unable to complete a smart meter installation due to a technical reason beyond your or our reasonable control (for example, lack of mobile signal available at your property located at the point of your electricity meter), then we’ll still credit your energy account in line with these terms.

BUT if we can’t complete a smart meter installation for any other reason, you will not be eligible for the credit. These include (but are not limited to):

(a) if you cancel your smart meter installation appointment before the installation takes place;

(b) we aren’t able to install a smart meter due to lack of access to your existing meters (for example, the meters are located behind kitchen units, walls or any other immovable obstacle);

(c) someone over the age of 18 isn’t present at your home throughout the installation;

(d) we need to cancel your appointment for any reason;

(e) any matters outside our reasonable control.


How long is the offer open for? This offer is available on a limited basis. The offer will close on 29th February.

What’s the offer? We’ll give you £25 credit for each smart meter installed (electricity and/or gas) which will be applied to your online energy account.

When’s the credit applied? The credit will be applied to your OVO energy account up to 30 days after completion of a successful installation.

Can I withdraw the credit to my bank account?  No. The credit cannot be withdrawn from your energy balance to your bank account.

Access You agree to give us safe access to your home to carry out the works, at the date and time we both agreed. Either you, or somebody else who can give instructions on your behalf (and is 18 years or over) must be present at all times.

Delays We’ll aim to start the work on the agreed time and date. But there may be circumstances outside of our control that stop us from doing so. We’ll contact you as soon as possible to let you know if there’s a delay and rearrange the appointment with you.

Anything else I should know?

The credit is non-exchangeable and non-transferable.  There’s no cash or other alternative.

We reserve the right to remove or temporarily suspend the offer if, in our reasonable opinion, we suspect any breach of these rules.  

If OVO deems in its discretion that a participant is ineligible for any reason, OVO reserves the right to cancel or recover any credit already awarded.

OVO reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions on reasonable notice. 

The terms and conditions are subject to English Law and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England unless you’re a resident of Ireland or Scotland, in which case you may also bring proceedings in Ireland or Scotland (as applicable).