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10 feel-good things you never knew about OVO

We’re trying to stay cool, calm and collected...but it’s proving a little tricky. That’s because we’ve just won another string of uSwitch Energy Awards and become the UK’s most-loved energy supplier.

Although we don’t want to blow our own trumpet too much, we’d like you to know why 27,000 people switch to OVO every month (on average). So here goes...

1.  #1 for customer satisfaction 

For the third year in a row, we’ve been given the top spot for customer satisfaction in the uSwitch Energy Awards. Last year, we scored 93% – and that was the highest customer satisfaction rating they’d ever seen in their 10-year history. But, this year, we did even better and bumped our score up to 96%.
And that’s not all. We also just won uSwitch Energy Awards for:

OVO Energy uSwitch award winner 2017

2.  Best call centre in Europe

This year, we also won ‘UK National Contact Centre Team of the Year' at the UK National Contact Centre Awards. This is the Oscars of the contact centre world (but with fewer paparazzi and a few more headsets)  – and this particular award is by far the biggest. 

3.  Greener – by 33%

We’ve always been committed to sustainability and believe it’s our job to lead by example. So, on 1st April 2015, we doubled the amount of renewable electricity in our Better Energy and Simpler Energy plans – from 15% to 33%. We also have a 100% renewable electricity plan, Greener Energy, which costs just £5 a month more.

4.  I Dig (250,000) Trees 

Every time a customer signs up to our Greener Energy plan, we plant five glorious trees for them. Our I Dig Trees initiative is making a real difference all around the UK, as it’s reducing CO², improving green spaces and encouraging wildlife to set up home. By March 2017, we will have planted 250,000 in a year!

5.  OVO Foundation

We started our charity, OVO Foundation, to make a positive difference in the UK and across the globe. We help inspiring organisations get pioneering projects off the ground – and also volunteer 1,000s of hours each year to local communities. 

Many wonderful OVO customers support our work by donating every month. We match every donation – penny for penny, pound for pound. That way our good work can go twice as far.

The OVO Foundation doesn’t make our plans more expensive; it just means that we channel our profits into the areas that matter to us most: youth poverty, education and energy access.


6.  Transparent pricing

Our ambition has always been to make the world of energy a nicer, fairer place. And transparent pricing is a big part of that.
We price our plans responsibly, and make them simple to understand. We never offer teaser rates or new-customer-only deals, as they’re confusing and can sometimes lead to higher bills in the long run. 

Every customer – old or new – always gets the same great prices from day one.

7.  Smart through and through

The government wants 26 million homes in the UK to have smart meters by 2020. And we’re working hard to make that ambition a reality. We’ve already installed over 400,000 – and we’ve got another 250,000 planned for 2017.
Smart meters are clever as they ‘talk’ to us, so you don’t have to give meter readings anymore. But, more importantly, they also ‘talk’ to you – telling you how much energy you’re using and when. They’re a great way to help you cut back and make savings.

8.  Clear communications

The world of energy can be a confusing, jargon-filled place. But we’ve tried to change that for our customers by making everything – from letters and emails to texts and guides – as easy as possible to understand.

In fact, we’ve just been through all our communications with a fine-tooth comb, re-writing each one to give you a much better customer experience.

9.  OVO Refer a Friend

We love getting new customers, especially when it’s through word of mouth. That’s why we have our OVO Refer a Friend scheme – to give our customers a little treat when they recommend us. For every successful referral, both you and your friend will get a £25 voucher.

10.  A treehouse with a slide

Although most of our customers won’t get the chance to whizz down the big silver slide in our lofty office treehouse, we thought it was worth a mention. Because this is just one of the fun things that puts a smile on the faces of our staff (a day off for birthdays, birthday cake, advent calendars and big parties are a few others...). 

We firmly believe that the happier we make our staff, the happier we make our customers – and, at the end of the day, that’s all we really care about.

Low prices. High ratings.

Your prices are fixed

No price rises for duration of fixed contract.

Customer Satisfaction

We scored a record-breaking 96% for customer satisfaction

Earn our Interest Reward

We’ll pay 3% OVO Interest Reward whenever you’re in credit.

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