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Say hello to savings,
comfort, and control.

VCharge gives you control over your heating, for the very first time.

Our engineers fit a VCharge Dynamo to each storage heater in your home. (Including your water heater if you’d like). So you can enjoy all this…

Comfort in every room

Snuggling up with extra layers will be a thing of the past. With VCharge Heat you decide how warm you want each room to be, and when you want them heated.

Lower energy bills

Plugging in expensive extra heaters? Not any more! Your new, efficient heating system can cut your bills, leaving you to spend your money on more important things.

More power for you

It’s easy to adjust your temperature and timings. Call us on the phone, or manage it yourself with our simple app.

Heat at the perfect time

Fed up with feeling hot in the mornings and cold at night? VCharge gives you the freedom to choose when each room should be heated.

Sign up for a VCharge Dynamo installation

By Phone:

Your journey

Once you've signed up to VCharge Heat, we’ll be in touch to guide you through these 4 easy steps.

Step 1

Already an OVO customer? Simply sign up online or call us on 0330 303 5063

Not yet with OVO Energy?
Get a free quote

Step 2

Book a smart meter (it's free)

Step 3

Call 0330 303 5063 to have your Dynamos installed.

Step 4

You're ready to enjoy VCharge Heat!

Need help? Call us on 0330 303 5063 and we’ll talk you through the whole thing.

See VCharge in action

Meet some of the people whose lives have been improved with VCharge Heat.

Your questions answered

VCharge is an energy technology company that’s recently joined the OVO family. The whizzy-sounding ‘VCharge Dynamos’ are just gadgets that we attach to your storage heaters to make them ‘smarter’.

We’re always looking for smart ways to help our customers save money, and gain more control over their energy. That’s why we bought VCharge, and it’s why we’re really excited to offer you this amazing service. You can find out more information here.

If you’re eligible you need to be able to answer ‘yes’ to the following statements:

  • I have two or more electrical storage heaters in my home, which I use as my main method of heating. 
  • I’m already an OVO customer or willing to switch to OVO.
  • I have working broadband installed at home.
  • I own my own home or can get the permission of my landlord before the Dynamos are installed.
  • I can install (or I already have) a smart meter in my home.

All the costs associated with VCharge Heat are detailed in the VCharge contract that you receive when you sign up. You’ll also get a 14-day cooling-off period if you change your mind. Call to receive more information.

VCharge helps you heat your home more efficiently by making your storage heaters smarter. So you have ultimate control over when you want your home to be warm. You’re unlikely to spend money on extra heating (like expensive plug-in heaters), because VCharge will keep you cosy at the right times. And it even ‘optimises’ your heaters when they charge, reducing your energy bills even further.

One of our fully qualified electricians will wire the VCharge Dynamos onto the power cable attached to your storage heater.

With VCharge we change the number of hours of off-peak electricity that are available to you to ensure the VCharge Dynamos, which only tell the storage heater to charge during off peak hours, can meet your comfort preferences. It will not affect your current peak or off-peak unit rates or standing charges.

At the moment, VCharge doesn’t work with 3-phase meter setups. But register your interest with us and we’ll let you know when this changes.

*Available to all OVO Energy customers with internet connection, and a smart meter from OVO. VCharge Heat installation is subject to engineer availability in your area, and your property meeting the installation criteria for smart meters and the VCharge Dynamo.

Read the full terms:

Home owners:

Before October 2017:

From October 2017:

Social housing:


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