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The power to switch

By Amber Rudd MP Monday 02 March 2015

People have the power to switch energy supplier to make sure they’re on the best deal – and we’re encouraging them to do it through our ‘Power to Switch’ campaign.

There are 13.5 million households across the UK missing out on their share of £2.7 billion by sticking with their energy supplier or existing tariff. And the reality is there’s never been a better time to switch. Our reforms to the market have driven competition – and the result is better deals, more choice and faster switching times.

As a government, we want consumers to get a fair deal, which is why we’re backing an independent investigation into the energy market. The Competition and Markets Authority, conducting the investigation, has also identified that customers on standard variable tariffs can make considerable savings by switching. And so do personal finance experts and consumer groups – switching is a good idea and now is the best time, thanks to the changes we have introduced.

Millions of people have never switched supplier – but the more people switch, the more competitive the market will become. On price and on customer service. We’re encouraging people to find out more about switching by visiting We’re already seeing results for example Ann and Sarah are a mother and daughter from London. They could save a £920 per year by switching energy suppliers*.

Ann says: “I thought I would be able to save around £20 or £30 on my energy bill so I was amazed to find out I could save much more.” Whatever the reason – price, service, energy from renewable sources – there has never been a better time to shop around, check deals, switch and save.

*Sarah, the daughter, could save £741 and Ann could save £179.