Plan Zero Week: Mobilising the OVO zero carbon community

28 September 2020 | OVO Energy

In September 2019 we launched Plan Zero, a direct response to the climate crisis. It’s our 10 year strategy to drive progress to zero carbon living - becoming a carbon-free business and helping our members become more sustainable, too. 

We have committed to net-zero emissions, and halving our members total carbon footprint (and totally eradicating their household emissions) by 2030. These are just a couple of the targets and aims that make up Plan Zero - you can find out more here

To mark the anniversary, we’re hosting Plan Zero week at OVO - an opportunity for all our teammates across the business to get together (virtually!) and reflect on how the first year has gone, be inspired by what we’ve achieved and importantly - get involved. 

We’re really excited by everything we have in store, including hosting a number of expert speakers providing insights into how they’re tackling the climate crisis. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up:

  • Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, explains exactly how climate action is being delivered at a city-level across Bristol (where our HQ is based), how that can be applied to other UK cities, and how we as citizens can play our part too.
  • Dr Bonnie Waring (ecologist and Senior Lecturer at Imperial College, London) will be getting under the roots of the subject of trees to explain their crucial role in mitigating climate change world-wide.
  • Natalie Fee is an award-winning environmental campaigner, author, and also the founder of City to Sea, a non-profit organisation running campaigns to stop plastic pollution at source. She’ll be providing tips and insights on how anyone can get involved and help save the world by living more sustainably.
  • Max La Manna will be hosting a zero-waste vegan cooking class showing how to make a delicious low-waste vegan dish, which you can either follow along at home or simply watch and be inspired.
  • Dr Doug Parr (Greenpeace’s Chief Scientist and Policy Director) will be talking about the urgent action needed to help tackle climate change.
  • Mike Berners Lee (Environmental consultant and author of How Bad Are Bananas) will be discussing the scale and urgency of climate change and the need for action.

And, not forgetting, we’ll be finding out from our own colleagues how they’ve been championing Plan Zero in their day to day roles as our Plan Zero Heroes. 

Tune in over the coming weeks where we’ll be sharing the expert insights from all our guests.

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