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Five ways you know you’ve found the right energy company

By Rachel England Friday 28 February 2014

With gas and electricity prices rising and the news full of reports about energy companies, it’s easy to fall into the ‘grass is greener’ way of thinking. Would you be better off with another supplier? Are there better deals to be had? Would you be more valued elsewhere?

There are lots of things to consider when choosing the right energy company, but if yours ticks these boxes, you may have already found the one for you.

Their prices are broadly in line with the average – or lower!

Energy bills are a fact of life, and no one likes paying them. But some companies charge a lot more for their tariffs than others. It’s easy to see where yours falls on the costs scale by seeking out a quote on one of the web’s many price comparison sites. Of course, there’s more to your relationship with your energy supplier than money – things such as customer service and commitment to sustainability are important considerations for many – but making sure you’re getting a good deal is the first port of call in deciding whether your supplier is for you or not.

They let you do things your way

Energy companies are as reliant on you as you are on them – your relationship is a two-way street. So if yours lets you choose how to pay, how to receive bills and how to submit meter readings, it shows a level of trust and flexibility – signs that they’re a keeper.

They’re always there for you

By which we mean they’re easily contactable and communicative. There will always be occasions where you’ll need to get in touch with your supplier, and it’s reassuring to know you can do so without the stress of being bounced from department to department, or having to listen to dreaded hold music for 20 minutes at a time.

They align with your beliefs

This is not a major factor for everyone when choosing an energy company, but for some, commitment to sustainability, high corporate responsibility credentials and an awareness of the ‘energy big picture’ are must-haves in a supplier. If you feel more comfortable knowing your supplier is taking action in these areas, then they’re a better fit for you (any company worth its salt will have their vision for these issues laid out clearly on its website).

They give you a bit of extra support

Your relationship with an energy company does ultimately come down to an exchange of services for money, but you know you’ve found a keeper when they make an effort to help you beyond lining their own pockets. Companies don’t have to give you advice on lowering bills, improving your energy efficiency or helpful hints that simplify the overall business of energy for their customers – if yours does, you may be on to a winner.