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The Mother of the Forest

By The Mother of the Forest Wednesday 23 March 2016

For the Asháninka, the mother of the rainforest is there to be respected.

They believe that the spirit of the forest, as with all living things, is its mother. When trees are felled, the forest’s mother is upset, and can send bad things, like illnesses. The animals have a mother, as does the river and its fish. There is also a mother of the soil, who is unhappy when trees are taken away.

Chabuca, president of the Tsimi Community Association in our Asháninka partnership, told OVO that she teaches this to her children. She tells them how to take care of the forest because when natural resources are protected, they give you life, energy and peace in return.

Huber Cayez Cruz, a cacao grower who has three children with his wife Michaela, says the same. His mother teaches her grandchildren about the Mother of the Earth and how important it is to look after the trees. The elders tell these stories and in this way the younger generation learn to respect the Mother of the Trees. Thanks to OVO, this new generation can look forward to a brighter future for their forest.