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OVO volunteers coach local code-curious kids Next time: We need you!

By Charlotte Rothwell Wednesday 17 February 2016

In case you missed our CoderDojo launch in October here is a little recap. CoderDojo is a global network of computer programming clubs for young people.

As a company rooted in technology, and with the OVO Foundation’s focus on education, OVO decided to team up with CoderDojo to bring the first and only event of its kind to the South West. 


OVO Coder dojo london kids energy

Finding solutions together to a tricky line of code.

The supercharged sessions hosted a number of different activities, all with a focus on fun and high interaction to bring coding alive.

From building a customised version of the vintage game Pong (kids of the 80s you know the one) to interacting with OhBot; a robotic human head kit that could talk, show emotions and even recognise shapes and faces!

OhBot helped to demonstrate how physical machines can interact with software and allowed the kids to see their work brought to life (literally!)


OVO Energy coder dojo

There's always time to take a break and go down the office slide.

With so many high-voltage ideas whizzing around and fast fingered coding, even the adults were left wanting a go!

We will be continuing to hold this increasingly important life skill workshop quarterly for young people aged 7 to 17 years to learn the language of code for websites, apps, games and more!

The next CoderDojo will be held on 16th April in Bristol and London and we are looking for new volunteers (from OVO and outside) to get involved and share their coding know how.

So if you are a tech whizz or even if you are a next-gen newbie but would like to learn how to cobble a code together, we would love to hear from you! This is a fun opportunity to help brush up on your skills, as well as a rewarding experience helping spark bright young minds. 

Also if you know of any code curious youngsters that want to get involved then please sign up here by emailing either [email protected] or [email protected] depending on your location. 

*Thank you to Josh Penrose for taking the Bristol photographs.